Machine learning, wearable tech and AI-based workouts are reshaping India’s fitness industry

Since the pandemic, the fitness industry has turned to survive online. The increasing frequency and awareness of maintaining an active lifestyle is driving people to choose a more autonomous fitness regimen. As a result, more fitness tech tools and products continue to flood the market, creating strong bonds between fitness professionals and enthusiasts.

According to Allied Market Research, the online fitness market is growing at a CAGR of 33.1% and is expected to reach $59.231 million by 2027. The study further states that the main reasons driving the market expansion are the growing demand for advanced exercise classes and the rise of AR or VR based training. Hence, new age technologies such as artificial intelligence, ML (machine learning) and smart wearables allow customers to focus more accurately on their health journey while also transforming the fitness industry in India.

Digital applications in the fitness industry

After the epidemic, people’s way of life has been affected. Indians have grown accustomed to roadblocks and embraced the “new normal”. Despite disruptions, rapid technological breakthroughs have transformed industries around the world, and the health and fitness industry is no exception. The industry is generating extraordinary ideas, insights and possibilities to overcome obstacles that were prominent at the time. Additionally, COVID-19 has increased demand for virtual workout classes and home fitness equipment. Thus, a new generation of fitness enthusiasts was born.

While the pace remains the same, the fitness industry is gradually embracing digital technology. With the temporary closure of gyms due to Covid-19, which has sapped the liquidity of several fitness businesses in India, it is crucial to accelerate their digital transformation. Many on-ground gym and fitness studio businesses have moved their entire services online, not only to stay relevant, but to survive. Virtual workout classes, counseling and holistic training have become the new normal in this situation. Plus, it’s easier for people to exercise at home with their own equipment.

Technological advancements are reshaping the industry

In the current state of digitization, each device in its own way provides valuable data on progress and helps users track their fitness goals. Let’s take a look at the technological advancements that are reshaping the fitness industry landscape and the future:

Machine Learning: Thanks to the advancement of new age technology, a smarter generation is finding its way to a healthy lifestyle by entering the gym using technical equipment such as treadmills, bicycles, etc. People have seen a huge industry gap and sought a technological path to better health to match their inelegant experience. In this case, exercising at home with cutting-edge equipment can be advantageous for audiophiles. Since these machines have multiple options built in, such as training sessions based on fitness experts.

Wearable Technology: Wearable tech was a must-have even before the lockdown. However, people have now started checking their pulse rate, heart rate, walking steps, and are constantly striving to get fitter. The data also shows a significant increase in the size of the market. According to Research and Industry Research, the Indian wearables market is expected to reach USD 80.43 billion in the forecast years of 2019 and 2025, growing at a CAGR of 21.63%. Wearable fitness tech gadgets help automate chores such as rep counting, progress monitoring, macro tracking, cardio, and more. In addition to driving user motivation and nurturing them to live a more industrious lifestyle, heart rate, blood pressure, and other variables that affect active energy.

AI-based workouts: We live in an era of unprecedented invention. AI-driven, deployable data enables marketers to deliver innovative fitness and wellness products. Several systems now offer real-time coaching and AI-enabled tracking to monitor exercises in real-time, making them more consumer-friendly.

the way forward

In short, it has become an irrefutable reality that the fitness business in India is being restructured and developed due to technological advancements and incorporating new features into the electronics of sports enthusiasts. Additionally, it is exciting and exciting to remotely assist people to embrace health and join the fitness revolution while driving the development. Fitness venues, leisure centers and gyms are places where people gather, unite, and even develop friendships.

Over time, however, we have witnessed tremendous advancements and advancements in the field. Hence, technologies such as machine learning, wearable technology, and AI-based workouts are transforming the fitness industry in India.



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