Underground drainage works to use robotics – The New Indian Express

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TIRUCY: The City Corporation will blaze new trails by using robotics to assist in the engineering of the city’s Underground Drainage (UGD) system. If all goes well, the technology itself will be adopted this month to identify congestion occurring in the network. UGD works are expected to be completed within two months.

Although most city buildings have installed diaphragm chambers, officials are concerned that the UGD network will become clogged with non-biodegradable waste, prompting them to consider using robotics to help companies. .

However, we have asked the company to deploy a team to oversee the process and identify impediments. They get paid for their services. “If conceived, we would be the only local agency in the state utilizing this type of technology to monitor UGD projects,” said a senior official.

Robotic assistance is preferred over surveillance cameras because we don’t have to worry about it being constantly upgraded. Among other things, robotics will put an end to manual cleanup, officials said. “Existing machines can be time-consuming to clear blockages in UGD production lines, with some pieces dragging for more than two days.” Robotics will make work easier,” said a company engineer.

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