Witnesses say shooting outside Phoenix high school football game

Phoenix (3TV/CBS 5) — Video shared with family members in Arizona showed players and spectators taking cover after reports of a shooting outside a high school football game at Carl Hayden High School on Friday night.

Witnesses said they heard gunfire in the fourth quarter, when Carl Hayden played against the Douglas High School Bulldogs around 9 p.m. Video showed some students and players lying on the field and under tables. Meanwhile, in the stands, there were spectators lying in the stands. Witnesses said everyone had to enter the auditorium for safety and was removed from the windows. The game was officially called up shortly after the incident.

Brittany Bowyer described horrific moments during the game. “So I actually just got released from the auditorium. They let people out in small rounds. There are police all over the parking lot now; police have set up a full perimeter around the school,” she said. Bowyer said she was on the away side when the gunshots rang out. “Just as we heard the first two ringing, the dads said ‘Come down.’ Coach Douglas said ‘Come down.’ “Everyone was just for cover. It took the announcer a minute to realize what was going on, but as soon as he realized he told people to come down.”

Everyone must remain on the ground for at least two minutes before being brought into the auditorium, Bowyer said. She said everyone was inside for at least an hour. “It was really unexpected. They were on the floor, there were a lot of shots. It just kept going,” she said. “It’s been a crazy night here.”

Arizona home staff were at the school and saw parents and students lingering in the parking lot. Several police cars line up around the school. Phoenix police said there were no reports of injuries and officers remained at the school. It is unclear what caused the incident or if police are looking for a suspect.

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