With the times, technology, baseball is doomed

Baseball has parentheses. Honest. Goodbye too. Yes. I saw this thing on ESPN with optics and icons, and it’s full of all the important paraphernalia. A dozen teams were paired up as if one was Gonzaga and the other was Tampa Bay.

Well, one of them is Tampa Bay getting attention, the other is San Diego, and it’s not clear why.

This is my opinion. Baseball is now just another ultimate hustle, concocted instead of played, a lottery ticket, a wrist full of watches. May the best market win.

Baseball has gone to great lengths to fake October and once again become the sacred space of the World Series, and I feel compelled to play together.

Is it too much to ask us to forget that at least half of playoff baseball teams are raisins instead of bran, anchovies instead of pizza, croutons instead of salads? I don’t think so.

We all know that the ideal wild card is an overpair in the hole, but baseball has other uses, actually six wild cards, and Chicago has none.

Which of the 12 baseball playoff teams was wild, which wasn’t moot, which won 111 games (Dodgers) and which fell in October (Phillies) doesn’t matter at all. important.


There’s one particular distinction in the final mix, and I’m not going to compare the presence of Seattle and Toronto to red tee shots, marathon overweight No. 1s, or being good at mixing pickles.

It’s easy to hold on to what’s going on, just to see who’s going to be the belt in a tuxedo, the epaulettes on the uniform, the hood trim on the limo.

No, what I’m going to do is start nominations for new national pastimes. Baseball has dropped its claim.

Baseball is just another piece of equipment in games such as hockey, football and track and/or track and field.

Baseball has always managed to survive the people who use it, but I don’t know right now. Some would insist that baseball has been going into the trash since it started letting outfielders wear gloves between innings. Count me in.

Dome, sliding gloves, designated hitter, two-hurdle scoring, committee bullpen, defensive shift, fantasy league, saber measure, ghost runner. All do their part to undo the game, but the real villain might be the TV remote.

Too many options, and it’s too easy to disappear from an empty inning and forget you’re gone. Football can be watched like this, two games at a time. Proper spacing could see Miami’s quarterback passing the ball to a Pittsburgh running back, or a New York Giants safety intercepting a Chicago quarterback.

Hmm, wait. This is possible without zapping.

Baseball was out of sync with the times and technology, so it was doomed. These Tier 4 playoffs become as tedious as seasons where you can join and quit in the morning and catch up with Mike Greenberg.

The importance of any game depends on the number of viewers watching it. The TV becomes the ultimate authenticator, so what happened so far is irrelevant.

Where do you think baseball got the concept from? from basketball. There is no doubt that the NBA playoffs and the NCAA tournament are exciting, but at the cost of the regular season.

Basketball – very active until the last two minutes – is constructed so that nothing happens until the end of the game, the game and the season.

There are no buzzer hitters in baseball. Leaving a home run, sure, but the winning score can be scored in the fourth inning, and it usually does. When will the Dodgers make the playoffs in April?

Baseball’s best moments cannot be orchestrated. They must have just happened. The trick is to pay attention when they do. Pastime takes time.

Excuse me, I want to see what’s new on Netflix. Where is the remote control?

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