WhatsApp rolls out status update reaction feature in India Tech News

WhatsApp latest feature: WhatsApp rolled out the ability to react to status updates in India. This update is released for Android users with build number With this update, WhatsApp has not only added the ability to react to statuses through the emoji feature, but also released other features for Indian users. These features are the ability to create and share links for your WhatsApp calls from the Calls tab, when you leave a group only the admin will be notified, group admins can now delete everyone else’s messages for everyone, All participants can see who deleted it and can undo “delete for me” for a few seconds. WhatsApp said the features will roll out to all users in the coming weeks.

What is the “react to state” function?

It’s not that WhatsApp users can’t react to status updates from contacts. They can react by selecting the desired emoji from the chat box/typing slot options. However, with the “React to Status” feature, WhatsApp makes it easy for users to reply directly to someone’s status story.

WhatsApp latest features

As you can see in the photo above, whenever you tap the reply option or swipe up on someone’s status, eight emoji options will appear on the screen, and you can tap any of them directly to send it as a reply. These emoji options include happy tears face, heart-eyed smiley face, open mouth face, crying face, folded hands, clapping hands, party popper, and percent.

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The ability to react to status updates is also available to iOS users now, and will be rolled out to other users in the coming days. If you also want to try the new feature, first you should update your WhatsApp to the latest version, then open the status section to check the feature. If you still can’t use the feature, then you should wait a few more days as WhatsApp is gradually rolling out the feature to all users.

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