“We’re tired of this crap”

A Philadelphia gas station owner is fed up with the constant criminal activity that threatens his employees and customers, so he’s hired heavily armed security guards to monitor his business.

Neil Patel, operator of Karco gas stations on Broad and Clearfield streets in North Philadelphia, recruited Pennsylvania SITE agents wearing Kevlar vests and AR-15s or shotguns.

“They forced us to hire top security at the national level,” Patel told FOX 29. “We’re tired of this bullshit; robbery, drug dealing, loitering, gangs.”

The final punishment for Patel came after he said his business was sabotaged by youths and an ATM was stolen. His car was also a victim of crime in the area.

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“We wear Kevlar, we’re trained, my guards go to train every other week, they’re proficient [their guns] With the Taser, they know the law,” Chief Andre Boyer said.

Residents and neighbors had mixed reactions to the decision to beef up security.

“I hear them say, but according to some people, violent people, they carry guns, aren’t they afraid of guns? It’s for the protection of the community and the customers,” Patel said.

Since hiring the guards, Patel claims his business is free of loitering and other crimes.

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