Wellness Wednesday: Patient praises tech after seamless robot-assisted surgery

Dr. Chris Palmer of the Signature Medical Group is replacing the knee and hip with new technology in the hip joint. A robot works by his side, ready to help you heal.

British stone. Louis – As the field of medicine evolves, so does technology. The two are perfectly matched and grow together, just like the natural bloom of a successful couple.

Carolyn and Larry Stephens are a perfect pair of youthful energy.

Dana DiPiazza sat down with the couple to find out a little about them and how much a robot can positively impact their lives.

Caroline suffered a serious knee injury in early 2022, and as the year came to an end, so did her pain.

After being forced to put her passion on hold and many sleepless nights, she contacts Dr. Chris Palmer specializes in orthopedic surgery.

Dr. Palmer’s assistant doesn’t need to wear scrubs and can help with knee and hip replacement procedures. That’s because his assistant is a robot.

Advanced technology can create a customized roadmap for surgical planning after scanning a patient’s body. The machine becomes a less invasive surgeon by eliminating the need to remove things that would normally prevent humans from viewing the body.

Dr. Palmer’s patients told Show Me St. Louis that they were up and walking within an hour or less after surgery.

Ever Dr. Palmer and the robot have done the job and the attention and care has always been there. Physical therapy can allow patients to exercise their new and improved knee or hip.

As far as Caroline is concerned, her new knee allows her to get back on the road with her husband and continue to pursue her passions.

It’s important not to shy away from new technology because it’s a temporary unknown, but to embrace and leverage it, she said.

Since she was replaced by Dr. Palmer, Carolyn said she has recommended the procedure to her friends and they are also happy with the results.

People with hip or knee pain can contact Dr. Palmer at DrPalmerOrtho.com or by calling 314-849-0311 for a consultation.

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