Waco business reschedules skeleton display for 21 days in October

Waco, Texas (KWTX) – A Central Texas business owner’s weeks-long creative skeleton showcase is over, but not without fanfare and grand plans for next year.

The car factory on Franklin Avenue in Waco rearranged for 21 consecutive days in October a large skeleton with themes and props for people to enjoy while driving down the busy street.

“Will miss my everyday smile in the morning,” said one fan.

Robert Pacitore, owner of an auto factory, says Halloween has always been his favorite holiday, so he wanted to share that love with others.

“We’re just the big guys for Halloween, we have big Halloween parties, and we have a really big Halloween collection,” Pacitore said. “But, at the same time, we just had some skeletons hanging around and not doing anything, we just decided to use it.”

Business owners have plenty of props to use, including eight adult skeletons, six children’s skeletons, five dogs, two birds, two cats, and a fish.

These scenes include skeleton car washes, pretending to be a cowboy, fishing and doing hell.

A friend even loaned him an antique Porsche so his cadre of people could open the hood and do the car work they do best.

Passiatore did a lot of prep on each scene, starting work early to assemble the day’s look and then taking it off at closing time.

While it’s hard to pick a favorite, he said a few stood out.

“My favorite scene this year was definitely the band, and that was the first week, then the car wash, that was last week,” he said. “These get our two biggest responses.”

The auto expert said that while the scene was grueling, the community’s response was worth it.

“Phenomenal. I mean, we’re honking and waving all day,” he said. “Everything is being shared on social media, especially on the Next Door App, and there are a lot of people responding to it every day and looking forward to it.”

This is the fourth year that Skull has appeared in front of the company, but the scene has gotten more complicated.

“The first year, they were just skeletons sitting on lawn chairs, just waving at cars that passed by,” he said. “The second year, we were like ‘let’s add a little more next year’, so we threw a BBQ pit and a skeleton dog with them, and the second year we had some skeleton kids. Now, it’s getting more and more Big, getting better and better, it’s amazing.”

This year’s scene changes every day from Oct. 10 to Oct. 31, and Pacitore said he has big plans for next year.

“Next year could be the whole of October. Every year it gets bigger and bigger, and people passing by stop, wave, honk and take pictures, and it’s starting to create a trend here.”

“We love doing this for our community, just to add a little Halloween spirit.”

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