UnifyWork Launches Technology Platform to Support Cleveland’s Talent Network

Patented Workforce Intelligence Platform Cleveland Connect employers, job seekers and educators to effectively develop and use their permanent talent.

Cleveland, November 14 January 2022 /PRNewswire/ — UnifyWork today announced the launch of its Workforce Intelligence Platform, the first of its kind on the market. Its patented skills-based technology supports local talent networks by combining market demand for skills development with fair recruitment, removing barriers associated with traditional labor markets.

A 2021 Harvard-Accenture study finds that there are more than 27 million hidden workers who could work or find better jobs, but current approaches to talent acquisition and development in the U.S. do not take into account what these hidden workers have or may need to succeed Skill. However, the US has a siloed skills-based education and training system that is misplaced, and UnifyWork is fixing it.

UnifyWork’s platform replaces time-consuming resume and application processes with brief assessments that identify job seekers’ skills and interests. The platform’s skill-based matching algorithm then presents a curated selection of popular jobs — including detailed job descriptions and salary ranges — based on the candidate’s unique abilities and preferences.

By leveraging UnifyWork to fill job openings, employers gain access to an untapped talent pool of prequalified candidates not found on traditional job boards. The platform also masks the identities of candidates until a match is made between employers and job applicants — minimizing bias in the hiring process.

In addition to connecting employers and candidates for today’s careers, UnifyWork helps ensure the long-term viability of full employment in the region. With UnifyWork, educators, workforce, and economic development organizations can gain real-time insights into job supply and demand and assess opportunities to upskill or re-skill talent to meet current and urgent needs to address historic labor shortages head-on.

“Across the state, Ohio Jobs are being created faster than employers can’t find people to fill them, and we welcome solutions like UnifyWork that match Ohioans with meaningful careers while supporting local business owners and entrepreneurs,” Ohio State lieutenant governor said Jon Hursted“It is critical for companies and agencies in the public and private sectors to collaborate to promote transparent and impactful recruitment practices, and this platform will work to create a stronger and more accessible labor market for all. Cleveland. “

UnifyWork is the fourth breakthrough technology company founded in Cleveland local tech entrepreneurs, Stephen McHaleWith extensive experience in big data, machine learning and leveraging supply chain workflow models, he and his team are determined to revolutionize recruiting.

“I love Cleveland And want to create a technology that benefits everyone,” McHale said. “It may seem overly ambitious, but I want to support the individual and collective prosperity of our region. Nothing touches everyone more than work, whether you’re a job seeker, employer, educator, or workforce or economic development professional—you care about whether people have jobs that fit their lives. “

To celebrate its launch, UnifyWork welcomes its most active users, employers and partners to participate in their December 7 at Rocket Mortgage Arena. Attendees will hear from community leaders and receive tickets to two upcoming Cavaliers games and a chance to win courtside seats.

Job seekers can download the UnifyWork app for free by apple app Store or google play. Employers can join and hire for free until the end of the year www.unifywork.com.

About unified work

UnifyWork is the first workforce intelligence platform to power regional talent networks through its patented skills-based technology. The platform enables fairer hiring practices and provides real-time data on job market supply and demand to help regions unlock their full economic potential.Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, UnifyWork is a spin-off of Unify Labs, a 509(a)3 nonprofit founded in 2017 with a mission to drive inclusive prosperity.to know more information unifywork.com.

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