Tyndall Air Force Base Welcomes Tech Expo

TYNDALL, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – Tyndall Air Force Base is undergoing a complete rebuild.

Tuesday morning’s tech expo was another step in that direction.

“The Technology Expo is a fantastic opportunity for many different companies to showcase the advanced technologies they have to offer,” said Lt. Col. Kimberly Nettis, commander of the 325th Communications Squad.

This helps base authorities and contractors develop new ways to help bases.

“By bringing in all of these suppliers and other DoD technologists, we’re able to connect them with the Tyndall AFB user base and our unit and mission partners,” Col. Douglas Cable, deputy commander of the 325th Fighter Wing, said. “Being able to take advantage of these new technologies as we build the foundations of the future.”

Every contractor brings something unique to the table.

“Everyone from the base has the opportunity to go around and hear from each vendor what capabilities and technologies they can provide to the Department of Defense,” the colonel said. Douglas said.

Technology partners such as digital twins and mobile command centers are working together to help make Tyndall not just another base, but the base of the future.

“ZeroEye is a computerized artificial intelligence that runs behind cameras at our base,” said Lance Marano, science and technology advisor for the redevelopment of Tyndall’s future base. “What it detects is any type of firearm that any camera can capture,” Marano said.

This would allow base authorities to monitor those carrying firearms.

“So instead of having the base defenders constantly monitor a bunch of cameras, let them only get notified and pay attention when the camera picks up the footage and detects that someone is carrying a gun,” Marrano said.

Mobile and stationary command centers are being provided to assist Tyndall in the event of a storm or military conflict.

“At Tyndall, we referenced two stationary command centers to support the mission,” said Stan Padgett, East Coast Sales, Crown Point Systems. “And a deployable command center that can be packaged up, placed in the back of the aircraft, sent out to sea.”

Each company worked together to help Tyndall soar to new heights.

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