Trump has another week to comply with the January request. 6 Committee Document Subpoena

Former President Donald Trump will have an extra week to meet a deadline to submit documents to a House committee investigating Jan. 1. On June 6, 2021, the attack on the United States Capitol.

“We have received letters from the former president and his attorney regarding the special committee’s subpoena,” Chairman Benny G. Thompson (D-Miss.) and Vice Chairman Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) said Friday night. said in a joint statement. “We have notified the former president’s attorney that he must begin making records no later than next week, and that he remains under subpoena for testimony beginning November 14.”

The documents were part of a subpoena that the committee sent to the former president on Oct. 10. 21. The subpoena also requires Trump to testify under oath on or about November 11. 14 is the same. It is unclear whether he will comply with that deadline.

The committee’s subpoena lays out detailed documents and communications Trump is expected to provide, including phone records, text messages or any communications related to Jan. 1. June 6, 2021, including meeting with MPs and members of militias or extremist groups on January 6.

Committee members have previously said they have not yet addressed how to force Trump to comply with a subpoena if Trump refuses to cooperate voluntarily. Lawmakers can move to defy the former president. But legal experts and attorneys representing clients involved in the investigation told The Washington Post that the Justice Department is unlikely to end up indicting Trump for contempt of Congress.

The committee has not issued any criminal referrals to the Justice Department, but Cheney and Thompson made it clear in their letter sending Trump a subpoena notice that they believe his actions to overturn the election result were unlawful.

Trump told advisers he might be willing to testify before the committee, but his lawyers did not respond to requests for comment on the status of his potential cooperation.

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