TransAtlantic International Deposition Services and Stenograph® Announce Technology Partnership

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December 1, 2022 at 11am CST

Stenograph, LLC and TransAtlantic International Deposition Services announced a technology partnership to provide TransAtlantic with solutions that provide cutting-edge technology to its legitimate customers. The legal transcription market is growing and court reporting agencies are increasingly challenged to meet the gap between the supply of trained professionals and the growing demand for legal transcription pages. As a leading technology provider to the legal transcription market, Stenograph has partnered with technology-focused agency TransAtlantic to provide new solutions for court reporting and transcription production.

“We are very proud to be partnering with Stenograph, who are truly a true leader in advancements in court reporting technology and client support. TransAtlantic Legal Solutions is a stenograph-based business focused on real-time reporting for nearly every task. As we grow David Ross, Managing Director of TransAtlantic International Depositions, said: “In order to build a more technology-based business, it is paramount for us to partner with the best in the industry, because that’s what we’re known for. “

“Court reporters are irreplaceable, especially where law and courts require impartial guardians of record to maintain proper conduct for certified testimony.” Ross continued, “At TransAtlantic, we were always looking for an innovative technology solutions to meet the growing demand for real-time reporting. So far, the only way to achieve this has been to hire highly skilled shorthand journalists who are at the heart of our business. We adore them and we will always need them, but There are not enough people entering the field to cover our market. Stenograph’s new technology and educational programs provide us with solutions to train our new workforce so we can continue to provide our customers with the same convenience, standard of service, and standards they have come to expect And value. As we continue to say to all of our customers, “It doesn’t make sense to go anywhere else. ”

Anir Dutta, President of Stenograph, said, “Stenograph is very pleased to be working with David and his team at TransAtlantic International Deposition Services to provide solutions that will help them deliver differentiated value to court reporting and other legal clients. TransAtlantic’s unique business is very large and The model of providing court reporting, video recording and production services for complex international cases presents Stenograph with a unique opportunity to highlight our technology leadership in the challenging market segment of legal testimony.”

Dutta continued, “Stenograph is leveraging its 80+ years of court reporting knowledge and history to create an end-to-end portfolio of solutions that will drive the efficiencies agencies need to fill their schedules and help achieve Judicial purposes. Whether it’s stenography, digital, voice, in-room, remote, hybrid record capture, video synchronization, or transcript production, Stenograph works to increase the efficiency and productivity of court reporters and agencies while maintaining the accuracy and sanctity of the spoken word.”

Questions please contact Dan Denofsky, Vice President of Marketing, Stenograph at or David Ross, Managing Director, TransAtlantic

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