Tony La Russa announces he won’t return to White Sox in 2023

White Sox head coach Tony LaRusa released a statement today saying he won’t be returning to work in 2023. He has one year left on his contract, but has been dealing with the health issues that have kept him away from the team since late August. There were reports over the weekend that an announcement of this nature would be made today.

“In February of this year, I had a pacemaker installed and was cleared by my doctor to begin spring training as planned,” La Rusa’s statement read. “A regular inspection of the device later revealed a problem. “I was informed of the problem during batting practice on August 30, and the next day I took off my uniform and was tested by a doctor. The solution was to renew the pacemaker in Arizona, allowing me to stop being a manager without a medical exam. “

La Russa went on to outline a second unspecified health issue diagnosed earlier this year that he intends to address in the upcoming offseason. “Although I was not active with the pacemaker, the second problem was analyzed. The result was that my medical team developed a corrective plan and started implementing it. When I was in uniform working with the pacemaker, I notified the second problem White Sox. No issues at any time this season have negatively impacted my responsibilities as White Sox manager. However, it is clear that the length of the treatment and recovery process for the second health issue makes it impossible for me to be in 2023 Becoming manager of the White Sox. The timing of this announcement now allows the front office to include filling the manager position as well as their other off-season priorities.”

He then went on to express his disappointment with his performance this year, but made it clear he was not upset with the fans, even those who laughed at him, because he understood their desire for the club to win. The White Sox are currently 79-80 and eliminated from the playoffs in qualifying the previous two seasons. In a news conference following the announcement, La Rusa said he has not discussed a different role with the organization because his health is his focus now. Daryl Van Schouwen of the Chicago Sun-Times.

General manager Rick Hahn, who also attended the press conference, said that discussions about the next manager have begun, according to Fan Shuwen (Twitter remain). As for what they would be looking for in their next captain, Hahn said they wanted someone with recent management experience and success.A pre-existing relationship with the organization is not a prerequisite, although the acting manager Miguel Cairo will be interviewed.

The Red Sox, which will compete with several other clubs, will also be looking for a new field owner in 2023. The Marlins and Don Mattingly announced he won’t be back next year, while the Blue Jays, Phillies, Angels and Rangers have all fired their managers midway through the 2022 season. Some of these clubs are likely to keep their interim managers, and the Blue Jays appear to be candidates to do so.

Whoever takes the helm next season for the White Sox will have a lineup very similar to La Rusa’s this year.Most of the club’s core players will remain under club control next year, with the most notable exception being the first baseman Jose Abreu. However, the last time Abreu was close to free agency, he was re-signed to stay in Chicago and may be able to do so again.

Of course, the organization can always make roster changes in the offseason, although they could struggle financially. The club set a franchise record last year with an opening-day salary of $1.29 million, but then broke that record in 2022, rising to $1.93 million, according to Cot’s Baseball Contracts. Next year’s spending so far is $1.21 million, according to Roster Resource’s Jason Martinez estimates.However, this figure does not include pay increases for players who qualify for arbitration, such as Lucas Giolito or options for players such as Tim Anderson, not to mention a potential new contract for Abreu.Therefore, Hahn told Fan Shuwen The club may be more active in the trade market this winter than in free agency.

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