This new Dunwoody-based plastic surgery company takes an old-fashioned approach to caring for patients

At the Orthopedic Cortisone Injection Center in Dunwoody, they are doing everything they can to avoid operating like a large medical group.

Daniel Richin’s clinic in Dunwoody can be seen.

According to Daniel Richin, who opened in 2020, this means that when you call their office, you can talk to a real person, you can schedule an appointment quickly, and you can have as much access to Daniel’s doctors as you need Much time father, Paul.

“Sometimes I have to knock on the door of my father’s room where he sees patients 15 to 20 minutes later to remind him that there might be another patient waiting,” Daniel said. “He’ll stay there forever because he’s there. Listen, he’s trying to help. It’s very different from other doctors’ offices.”

how it all started

For 20 years Daniel has been running his own business, specializing in medical arrangements such as MRIs and CAT scans.

Daniel is looking for an office space to work during the pandemic, and Paul Richin (Daniel’s father), who has had an illustrious medical career and recently retired, remains eager to help patients.

They found a place in Dunwoody, just across the street from where Paul lived.

“It turned out really well,” Daniel said. “We followed my dad’s old-fashioned model of seeing a doctor and giving them the care and attention they deserve, and it really worked.”

Paul loves getting back to doing medicine in an environment where the patient comes first.

“It’s been a blessing to start a small orthopedic practice after retirement,” says Paul. “I’ve been able to go back to old school medicine, where I can spend time with patients who are tired of the bureaucracy of modern medicine.”

They offer non-invasive gels and stem cell injections to help relieve pain that may occur in areas such as the back or knees. They specialize in helping people get immediate relief from arthritis and tendonitis, and hopefully avoid surgery.

“We’re basically a one-stop shop for just about any injectable you can think of,” Daniel said.

They are open Wed-Fri and Paul works with a nurse who is learning what he does.

an amazing career

Paul has over 50 years of experience treating patients. He is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with extensive experience treating everything from clavicle fractures to joint pain and back pain.

For nearly 40 years, he held various positions at DeKalb Medical Center in Decatur, including Director of Orthopedics.

He has an impressive educational background, including a degree from Georgetown University and a residency at Medstar-Georgetown University Medical Center.

While his resume is impressive, Paul’s true passion is providing individualized care to patients.

“In our practice, instead of a big orthopedic company, you see a doctor who is friendly and really caring about each patient, and if you have two minutes to talk to your doctor, you’re lucky. It’s the personalized attention you get here that you can’t get anywhere else that helps us stand out from the crowd.”

Daniel mentioned that patients seemed to be responding very well to the vaccine Paul was offering.

“It’s amazing how well patients respond to the care my dad provides,” Daniel said. “Literally there are patients who could have had surgery but keep coming back here for treatment so they can avoid surgery and get remission.”

about business


address: 1705 Mount Vernon Road, #B, Dunwoody, GA 30338

Telephone: (404) 292-3538

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