These businesses close in Washtenaw County in 2022

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Mich. — Some restaurants, stores and other businesses in Washington County have closed this year for a variety of reasons.

While Ann Arbor may already be dealing with closures in 2022, this list details the rest of Washtenaw County. Below are some business closures that have occurred in areas such as Ypsilanti, Saline and Whitmore Lake.


Local Food: Burger Mary's

Burger Mary, 701 W. Cross St. Thursday, April 21, 2022 in Ypsilanti.Jacob Hamilton | Ann Arbor News

Hamburger Mary’s

Hamburger Mary’s Ypsilanti branch closed in October after less than a year of opening.

The restaurant chain is known for hosting a string of drag shows, including drag bingo, drag karaoke and other events. The location opened in January as a combined operation with the longstanding Tower Inn at 701 W. Cross St.

The reasoning behind the closure was that the costs required to keep the business running were too high for the owners, Rois and Nathalie Savvides. Although the business initially planned to close for only a few weeks for renovations, the Hamburger Mary’s closure quickly became permanent.

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Local Food: The 24th Cheesecake Shop at Briarwood Mall

On Monday, October 10, the 24th Cheesecakerie at Ann Arbor’s Briarwood Mall is serving Cookies and Cream Half Cake Soda and Half Cheesecake. 26, 2020. The company also has offices in Ypsilanti. J. Scott Park |

Cheesecake Shop 24

The desert restaurant, which specializes in cheesecakes, has closed its Ypsilanti location at 14 N. Washington St. in May.

Owner Sean Brezell previously said that while the COVID-19 pandemic was not the immediate cause of the closure, reduced traffic and rising cream cheese costs influenced the decision, leading to an “early exit” of the store.

Despite the closure at Ypsilanti, the company still operates at the Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor, as well as in Madison Heights and Ohio.

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Owner Reynold Lowe is closing Materials Unlimited at 2 Ypsilanti W. Michigan Ave. after 50 years.

Owner Reynold Lowe is closing Materials Unlimited at 2 Ypsilanti W. Michigan Ave. after 50 years.Jordan Pair |

Unlimited material

After 50 years, an antique shop in Ypsilanti will close at the end of 2022.

Materials Unlimited, 2 W. Michigan Ave., opened in 1972, is a three-story collection of antique locks, brass lighting fixtures, stained glass and mahogany tables. The store has rows and rows of doors, locks, lamps and other antique items to choose from.

After the store closed, owner and founder Reynold Lowe said he planned to focus on his art.

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Michelle Birawer, owner of Gentle Vibes Vintage, will close its physical store in October 2022.

Michelle Birawer, owner of Gentle Vibes Vintage, will close its physical store in October 2022.Courtesy of Michelle Bilavel

Gentle Vibes Vintage

Michelle Birawer, owner of Gentle Vibes Vintage, decided to close her store in October and move her business entirely online.

Gentle Vibes Vintage sells a variety of vintage clothing and jewelry. When Birawer noticed that online sales were generating more revenue than in-person sales, she decided to close the store at 731 W. Cross St.

Gentle Vibes Vintage opens in Ypsilanti in 2021. Now that the store is closed, the vintage shop sells through Etsy and Instagram.

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Haab’s is located at 18 West Michigan Avenue in Ypsilanti.MLive file photo

Hub Restaurant

After serving customers for more than 87 years, the iconic Haab’s restaurant decided to close with immediate effect in March.

Family restaurant at 18th West Michigan Avenue. It prides itself on its home-cooked meals from scratch and the loyal customers it has served over the years. In 1934, Oscar and Otto Haab renamed the restaurant the Haab Brothers Café, and Ypsilanti was born.

Owner Mike Kabat said the health challenges of recent years, as well as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on business, were ultimately the deciding factors in closing the restaurant.

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Ann Arbor sees sub-zero high temperatures in January. 30, 2019 Polar Vortex

Snow and frost gather on top of the Ypsilanti Water Tower in Ypsilanti, Wednesday, Jan. 30 2019.Jacob Hamilton

Advanced Packaging

A packaging plant permanently closed its Ypsilanti facility at 1236 Watson Ave. in late May.

The closure cost the region more than 50 jobs, according to a notice sent to the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity.

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Cultivate Coffee and Tap Room announces it will be closing in early February

Cultivate Coffee and Tap Room announces it will be closing in early FebruaryJordan Pair |

Grow Coffee and Tap House

Cultivate Coffee and Tap House in Ypsilanti decided to permanently close its doors in February.

The popular coffee shop at 307 North River St is closed. A result of issues with social distancing and tent regulations.

Owner Sara Demorest said the closure was partly due to the inability to accommodate large groups after being unable to get city approval to set up an outdoor tent in its beer garden.

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Smokehouse 52 BBQ

Smokehouse 52 BBQ is located in the former Saline store at 105 W Michigan Ave.

Smokehouse 52 BBQ

Smokehouse 52 BBQ in Downtown Saline went out of business after owner Phil Tolliver closed in June.

Toliver said a lack of “foot traffic” and rising meat prices made it difficult for business to continue. The location also struggled with other factors, such as its proximity to a busy street and a lack of outdoor seating, he said.

Although Saline’s Grill is closed, Smokehouse 52 BBQ is still open in downtown Chelsea.

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Lake Whitmore:

Al Dente Pasta Company

Sign for the former Al Dente Pasta Company site at 9815 N. Main St.

Al Dente Pasta Company

After nearly 40 years at Whitmore Lake, the Al Dente Pasta Company is closing its location at 9815 N. Main St. in august.

The company that produced and sold authentic pasta that could be prepared in minutes collapsed as Al Dente Pasta needed to find more space to expand its business.

Currently, the company is operating from a temporary location at 5775 Brighton Pines Court in Howell while it searches for its next location.

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