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rentburyis a San Francisco-based real estate startup that provides users with a transparent and automated rental experience. The company aims to simplify communication between tenants and landlords while eliminating the need for third parties such as real estate agents or brokers. Currently, Rentberry is running a RegA+ fundraiser, this offering ends on October 28. The maximum offering amount is $12.4 million, valuing the company at $25 million.

While the investment will be used to fund the company’s growth and future projects, a significant portion of the funds raised are earmarked for the development of flexible living concepts. The thinking behind it has surfaced based on macro trends that have emerged and become more prominent in the rental market since 2020.

Flexible Living Program

The main idea behind flexible living is to rent fully furnished properties exclusively on the Rentberry platform for three to twelve months. The solution is expected to give tenants greater flexibility when it comes to mid-term leases in prime locations that do not require security deposits.

Oleksiy Lubinsky, CEO of Rentberry, believes that success lies in targeting millennials, who are the largest generation in U.S. history, with a population of 82 million (1.8 billion millennials globally).company sees Great rental potential to this macro group, as well as several selected target groups such as digital nomads, exchange students, and professionals looking for rental accommodation on long business trips.

Inspired by the shift to remote work that emerged a few years ago, the trend has only gained prominence since the pandemic began. Rentberry executives believe now is the right time to address the issue, with the company eager for its flexible living concept to fill the void of limited solutions that exist in this niche.

Some large companies operating in the short-term rental space, such as Airbnb and Booking, are also noticing an increase in demand for long-term rentals. For some time now, they have been working to expand their reach to include properties that can be rented out for at least a few months. However, these companies face difficulties because they were not created to meet the challenges unique to medium-term leases. Some examples might be the lack of important services, such as the ability to easily sign a rental agreement, or the exorbitant price, equal to the daily hotel rate.

“Currently, there is no perfect product on the market to meet the needs of tenants who need mid-term leases. Likewise, there is no platform that provides landlords with a comprehensive system to manage their mid-term lease properties,” Lubinski said. Rentberry has a bold goal to change it.

Strong investor support

Many high profile investors are interested in backing the company, thanks to its experienced management team, target market and the solutions Rentberry brings to the Trevor Bond“The Rentberry platform is unique; it’s a great user experience that helps both tenants and landlords, and I think its future is very promising,” said HBS Alumni Angels Board Member and Co-Chair.

The company has raised more than $13 million in previous rounds from venture capital funds such as Zing Capital, Beechwood Ventures, 808 Ventures, and angel investors from Google, McKinsey, and CBRE.

Rentberry has been conducting a RegA+ investment campaign on the StartEngine platform since 2021. Up to now, the company has invested more than 10.6 million US dollars and has attracted the attention of more than 6,000 investors. Rentberry aims to raise $12.4 million before Current event ends on October 28. The minimum investment is $300 and they have the opportunity to receive a 30% equity bonus if they invest starting at $10,000.

About Rentberry

The company operates in the rental industry, which has a significant market share in the real estate industry and has the potential to grow year by year. In the United States, 44 million properties are occupied by tenants, with annual rents of $694 billion.

Currently, Rentberry offers more than 5 million rental properties in more than 50 countries and has more than 1 million monthly active users worldwide. It has been featured in Forbes, Inman, The Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, and, among others.

Oleksiy Lubinsky, the company’s chief executive, said: “Rentberry has great potential and we believe our product can make a difference in the international long- and mid-term rental market. The upcoming investment will help us develop the product further as well as accelerate new development of initiatives.”

About Rentberry’s RegA+ product

  • Official event page:
  • Provides the maximum value: $12,400,000
  • Valuation: $25,000,000
  • Price per share: $0.87
  • Minimum investment: $300
  • Who can attend: anyone.

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