The business owner responded to the work of the Belmont Bridge

Charlottesville, Virginia. (WVIR) -s Charlottesville said that everything went smoothly, and the business owner got the need for help during the construction of the Bellmont Bridge.

However, a business owner said that this was not the case.

“Dust, gravel, dirt, the road is closed. People can’t reach here. The situation is very bad, some days are worse than other days, and they don’t seem to care about it,” said Barbie Brannock, the owner of Barbie’s Burrito Barn.

Brannok said construction is damaging her business and others.

“I know that the champion has suffered huge pain and high -quality pie. People in this small community, such as small, weird Bellmont communities. Is this that? We get it.” She said.

Brannok said the city was not helpful.

“We talked with Quality Pie, and we cooperated with Barbie’s, and we cooperated with Champion Brewery Beck-Cohen. Therefore, if there are any problems, we certainly encourage anyone to help,” said Jeanette Janiczek, the Belmont Bridge project manager.

Janiczek said the project has been working hard to respect nearby companies and families.

Brannock disagreed: “This city has not been helpful at all. They have not even studied. When my pipeline goes off, the city comes down to say that this is my fault because I encountered the oil problem, But this is the fault of the bridge, “she said. “We are trying to keep traffic. We are trying not to loud. It is architecture.”

“With the transfer of traffic, I also hope that some of the current business effects can be transferred to the other side. Therefore, they will get a little comfort from us,” Janiczek said.

The project is expected to be completed in January 2024.

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