Texas business owner Jarrell recalls October tornadoes

JALER, Texas (KXAN) — The owner of Rolling M Trailers said he had to use heavy machinery to dismantle a gooseneck trailer following an EF-1 tornado in the Jalal area Monday night, the storm The strong wind blew onto the road.

“Signs were crushed. It was a mess. One was turned over. Others turned to their stance,” said Douglas Meadows, owner of Rolling M Trailers.

He said about eight of his trailers were damaged in the storm, and he estimates insurance will likely cover most of the damage.

He said it was the first time a tornado had hit Jarrell in his 22 years of business.

“Hopefully this will be the last,” Meadows said.

That night, Meadows said, a local gamekeeper called to tell him that the tornado had taken some of his trailers from his property and brought them onto the pass of Interstate 35.

The trailer, now standing upright and in front of the business, suffered damage such as dented tire wells and shattered windows.

The front door along the passage is still crushed. Small fixes like the gate are still weeks away, Meadows said.

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