Tempe company looks to thrill Super Bowl fans with immersive tech

TEMPE, Ariz. — It’s bluemedia’s day job to give Super Bowl fans the “wow” feeling.

“Clients are demanding, and audiences are demanding to see something they’ve never seen before,” said Jared Smith, founder of the Tempe-based company.

He said that’s why the large-format graphics company, known for creating banners and signage that turned cities into Super Bowl shrines, started its technology division.

“You look at the technology around you, it’s amazing, you know we have to push other environments, we have to push other experiences,” Smith said.

The bold ambition paid off when Bluemedia launched Sky Projection in 2019.

When the 4K image floated in the night sky above Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, it stopped fans in their tracks. At Super Bowl 56, crews launched a swarm of drones that danced in the air in honor of the big game.

“What you’re going to see is a true 360-degree image,” said bluemedia executive producer Paul Whitney.

On Thursday, we visited their immersive dome.

A virtual reality experience that feels like a ride. Sit back in a comfortable armchair and soar over canyons, space and grills.

“What we call this projection mapping is what we’re actually doing here is we have four laser projectors that are runoffs of very specific software,” Whitney said.

Software helps the projector combine its features into a stunning image. Designed to excite those who attend Star Wars fan festivals, golf tournaments, and, of course, the Super Bowl.

“It’s all about immersing consumers in the brand itself and creating a wow factor that keeps them from forgetting what they’ve just seen for a long time,” Whitney said.

We were amazed and wondered what they had in store for Super Bowl 57 at State Farm Stadium.

While they can’t reveal their plans yet, their motto should tell you everything you need to know. “The whole concept of an immersive experience is that it’s something you’ve never seen before,” Smith said.

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