Technology and cybersecurity plan on RSU 9 officer’s radar screen

FARMINGTON — The technology director for Unit 9 of the regional school told superintendents on Tuesday that he wants to develop an initial plan for a larger cybersecurity initiative.

“For now, we don’t really have any cohesive plans,” Kevin Bremner said in response to a question from Farmington director Alexander Kreznick. “We’ve just put things in place over the years to make the network more secure.”

Principal Christian Elkington said he would work with Bremner over the next six to eight months on a 10-year technology plan for approval next fall.

Bremner also informed the board that all but one of the outdated firewalls had been replaced and that the copiers should be delivered by the end of December.

The board also heard highlights from regional sports programs.

Cyndi Pratt, who was hired as director of student activities in August, said: “I started to move and didn’t really feel like I had slowed down.”

“I think we’ve had a very successful fall and are rapidly preparing for winter,” she said.

mt. Blue High School saw large numbers of students participating in field hockey and boys soccer, building a roster large enough to warrant varsity and junior teams.

The board approved a request to compete in the New England Cross Country Championships at Bonaganset High School in Rhode Island. Cyrus Evans and Henri McCourt qualified at the Class A state conference Oct. 10 in Cumberland. 29.

Elkington also recognized the boys’ and girls’ cross-country and women’s soccer teams for sportsmanship awards. “Once again, we continue to work hard on the field and we’re still a good sport in terms of how we treat officials, how we treat other teams, spectators, and of course other players,” he said.

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