Technology alerts Omaha first responders to cars involved in high-speed collisions

OMAHA, Nebraska (WOWT) – We learned how technology alerted emergency responders in Lincoln to violent incidents this week.

A driver and five passengers crashed into a tree on Sunday. One of them has an iPhone 14. It has a new feature that can sense a crash and call 911. Unfortunately, all six died.

Technology also played a role in the crash in Omaha.

After 10 a.m. Wednesday, the neighbors knew something went horribly wrong.

“You know how – uh – I know the next thing I see is a red light passing by and then a loud bang. I’ve opened the door. The car is smoking, the airbags are beeping and no one is getting out.”

A neighbor who didn’t want to be on camera called 911.

“I thought they hit a pole, but it turned out to be my neighbour’s truck.”

But technology has begun to involve first responders. Ford has an automatic collision notification system.

“It’s a crash notification. Check health. They put it on 18th and Platt or 16th and Platt,” the 911 dispatcher said.

This alert system has its limitations. Only human intelligence on the ground can provide 911 with such details.

“It would be bodily harm. The teen escaped from the vehicle,” the 911 dispatcher said.

Neighbors said the pair struggled to get out of the car.

“The man stood up. The lady was trying to open the door.”

Then ran.

Omaha police found a female passenger with a broken leg a few blocks away. The driver left temporarily. Neighbors wondered why anyone would drive so fast on this side street. This is not the first time.

“It’s scary. Anyone could get out here. I sweep sidewalks and stuff. If I’m outside, I might get shot.”

Investigators are looking into whether the car was stolen.

Fortunately for one of the neighbors, there was no visible damage to the Chevrolet pickup parked in the back.

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