Technological innovations for the 2022-23 NBA season

The 2022-23 NBA season kicks off on Tuesday, October 18 with some notable technological innovations and changes across the league.

New NBA app

NBA App Technology Innovation 2022-23
Image credit: NBA

The NBA’s new NBA app, in partnership with Microsoft, offers fans a new experience application Consolidate the fan experience with live games delivered through NBA League Pass, personalized content, mobile and social media-friendly vertical video, behind-the-scenes footage, and more.

The app uses cloud-based infrastructure to leverage artificial intelligence to track user behavior and optimize personalized content. For example, Microsoft Azure and Azure AI power an application’s “For You” experience, which comes with content recommendations based on fan preferences and personalization. The “For You” page provides a social-like vertical video experience, with a vertical scroll showing live highlights of all ongoing NBA games.

As Chris Benyarko, the NBA’s executive vice president of direct-to-consumer, said, explain“What’s unique about the app in sports is that it’s both a deeply personalized experience and an all-in-one destination…it allows people to immerse themselves in what’s going on in the league.”

In addition to the app, the NBA also launched NBA ID, a free membership program that unlocks more features and content within the app. For example, NBA IDs give users access to pre/post game clips, ticket promotions, prizes, and more.

PlaySight Camera Extension

PlaySight camera technology
Image credit: PlaySight

in several new teams with Connexa Sports Technology This offseason, 18 NBA organizations now rely on PlaySight’s connected camera platform.

Multi-angle technology is used throughout the league for daily practice, scouting and player development videos. The technology can be integrated with other technologies, trackers and software, giving coaches and staff the freedom to use video as needed.

PlaySight’s innovative technology makes teams more efficient in practice. For Boston Celtics head coach special assistant Matt Reynolds, PlaySight frees up employees.if he describe“Before using PlaySight, we needed to designate a video coordinator to operate the handheld cameras throughout practice…Having the extra manpower allowed our video coordinators to be more actively involved in training on the field.”

ESPN’s Tech-Forward brand identity

ESPN's New NBA Brand Identity
Image credit: ESPN

For the 2022-23 NBA season, ESPN A new global creative brand identity is being unveiled for the alliance. Developed by ESPN Creative Studios, the NBA’s refreshed brand identity showcases the look and sound of future animation and editorial. For example, unlike the stagnant league-standard “signature man,” the sign will animate on-screen with dynamic cross-dribbling and no-look passes to replicate the energy of the game.

According to ESPN website“From the iridescent chrome strokes throughout the design campaign to the fluid animations, the overall look pays homage to the swagger and personality of the NBA.” As ESPN VP of Creative Studios Carrie Brzezinski-Hsu, explain“We’re bringing sports from games to experiences. It takes a dynamic group of creative and storytellers to make fans feel like they’re part of the game.”

The new creative branding, animation and music debuted at NBA preseason games on October 13. Throughout the season, new branding and augmented reality enhancements will be showcased on ESPN’s prime-time and playoff programming, leading to ABC’s showcase of the NBA Finals.

better guard

BetterGuard Ankle
Image credit: BetterGuard

As one of five companies selected for this year’s NBA Launchpad, BetterGuard is offering high-tech protective ankle braces and shoes with built-in ankle support. The technology works almost like a seat belt, allowing complete freedom of movement until it needs to lock into place and prevent rolling. BetterGuard can be integrated into the stand or built directly into the shoe.

As the BetterGuard website points out, there are more than 200 million ankle injuries worldwide each year, 70% of which result in residual disability or chronic instability. Additionally, 25% of sports-related injuries affect the ankle.

BetterGuard showcased its technology at the NBA Summer League under the sponsorship of former NBA guard Daniel “Booby” ​​Gibson. Gibson retired at the age of 27 due to persistent ankle injuries. As Gibson said during NBA Summer League, “I don’t have any doubts in my mind (it’s going to prolong my career).”

Quick Break Rule Changes

What’s new for the 2022-23 NBA season, referee Now, when a defensive player fouls, an aggravated penalty is imposed. When a foul occurs, the attacking team will now be awarded a free throw by any player on the field and retain control of the ball. Previously, a foul would result in a simple side change.

This rule will limit intentional fouls to prevent the opposing team from making a fast break.

While not a technological innovation, this rule change for the upcoming NBA season is a sign that league officials are listening to fans. NBA fans have been pushing for this rule change for some time now, as fast breaks often lead to some of the most exciting games in basketball. The new rules will help encourage a faster-paced transition offense.

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