Should you do business with friends?Two Charlotte entrepreneurs get involved

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve probably thought about what it’s like to do business with friends. After all, how hard is it to join forces to lead a profitable business if you get along well individually?

In fact, starting a business with your best friend can be a rewarding experience, two Queen City entrepreneurs are a great example.

In 2020, after a six-year friendship, Brandi Neloms and Demetra Harris launched Sipping Black Only, a community of black-owned beverage lovers dedicated to elevating Blackness once corks, pours and sips.

I recently asked the duo to share their personal experiences as friends and business partners.

Q: How did you formalize your business arrangements?

Demeter: Originally, I wanted it to be 50/50 ownership, but Brandi didn’t. She felt that this was my vision and that it was unfair to have equal ownership as a founder. We decided to move forward with an LLC and a 60/40 ownership split – I own 60% myself and Brandi 40%.

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