Senators say it’s time to overhaul election laws to keep pace with technology

Philippine Star/Russell Palma

Now is the time to overhaul the country, a senator said on SundayConsidering that technological advancements can make the voting process more flexible and transparent, rather than simply modifying specific terms.

It has been discussed that changes to the comprehensive electoral law should no longer be limited to piecemeal provisions, so this is a sweeping reform,Senator Francis N. Tolentino mixed English and Filipino in a statement.

It has to “considering today’s technology, modern technology, to be more efficient and faster, if the code is changed, it shouldn’t have the Election Commission act simultaneously in one day,He says.

gentlemen. Tolentino gave the example of thousands of Filipino maritime workers who have been disenfranchised given the nature of their jobs.

For example, you take a boat today and you land in Rotterdam, which is a huge port area. Your vote is in The Hague, Amsterdam, so the distance is great. You still have to go a long way, which will make voting difficult,He says.

Maybe it’s the same in Hong Kong, you still have to go to the consulate,He added.

The Philippines, known as the seafaring capital of the world, has 217,223 seafarers deployed overseas in 2020 due to the global coronavirus pandemic, a 54% drop from the 2019 total.

gentlemen. Tolentino reiterated his call for hybrid elections, emphasizing the need not only for quick results through automatic transmission, but also for transparent processes through manual counting.

The Election Commission had earlier said it was open to adopting a hybrid electoral system. Alyssa Nicole O. Tan

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