Scientists deploy NASA tech to charge electric cars in five minutes

Quick and easy electric vehicle (EV) charging is no longer rocket science!

Scientists have discovered a way to make the electric vehicle experience faster and easier using technology previously used on space missions.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new technique that could provide thermal control.​​​

Using NASA’s Flow Boiling Module, they managed to reduce the amount of heat traveling through the wires to push 1,400 amps.

This compares to the 520 amps of state-of-the-art chargers available.

Project leader Dr Issam Mudawar said the new “subcooled flow boiling” technique could “dramatically improve” heat transfer efficiency compared to other methods and could be used to control the temperature of future space systems and to charge electric vehicles on Earth easier.

The development team believes that reducing the charging time of an electric vehicle to 5 minutes would require the charging system to provide 1,400 amps of current.

A charging system delivering 1,400 amps will generate more heat than current systems, however, improved methods of controlling temperature are needed.

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