Savannah Graziano, 15, who died in Hesperia shootout, lived with father until mother was killed in Fontana

Hesperia, Calif. (KABC) — A man accused of killing his estranged wife and kidnapping their 15-year-old daughter in Fontana was living with the teenager in his pickup truck weeks before the violence, authorities said Wednesday. and outside the hotel.

Anthony John Graziano and his daughter Savannah Graziano were killed in a shootout Tuesday after a 45-mile chase with law enforcement on a high desert highway. The teenage girls, wearing tactical helmets and military vests to accommodate armor plates, ran to the delegates amid the sound of gunfire. Authorities are investigating whether she was shot by police, by her father, or both. San Bernardino County Sheriff Shannon Dekus said Wednesday there was evidence the teenager was “participated in the shooting of our deputies.”

While many questions remain about Tuesday’s shootout, police in Fontana – Graziano’s wife, Tracy Martinez, 45, was killed on Monday – before the bloodshed broke out this week. gave some details about the family’s life.

Graziano, 45, moved out a month or two before her mother was killed and the couple were divorcing, Fontana Police Sgt. Christian Surgent told The Associated Press and confirmed to ABC7. Savannah Graziano left with her father, while her younger brother stayed with their mother.

Police issued an Amber Alert after Martinez was killed, saying Savannah Graziano was kidnapped by her father. Detectives are trying to determine if she was forced to leave Fontana.

“Did she go voluntarily?” said the sergeant. “Or was she really kidnapped? We can’t prove it yet.”

Sugent said that prior to the killing, Fontana police had not received any reports of domestic violence at the house and that children’s services were not involved in the family’s work. Neither parent was on probation or parole at the time, and investigators believe Savannah was homeschooling when he lived with his father, who police said enjoyed camping in the desert and mountains in a pickup truck.

Witnesses saw Martinez walking in Fontana on Monday as Graziano picked her up in a truck. Surgent said it was unclear if she was forced into the car or if she did it herself.

“That’s when they started arguing and yelling and there was domestic violence,” he said.

Sugent said Martinez got out of the truck — presumably to escape — and Graziano fired at her with a pistol, hitting her multiple times. A shooting on a street near an elementary school during the morning dismissal forced students and parents to take shelter.

“That guy just shot from the street. He started shooting in that direction,” community resident Andy Davis told ABC7. “Hit trees and houses across the street. They say bullets flew over the street and the woman tried to run for her life, unfortunately she got hit. Once she got hit, I guess he shot her a few more times. .”

Sugent said Graziano fled the scene and drove to Savannah, who was elsewhere — likely where they lived that day. The son was at home at the time and did not participate.

The next day, a 911 caller reported seeing the suspect’s Nissan Frontier near Barstow.

Delegates found the pickup and chased it on the highway for about 45 miles to Hesperia. Throughout the manhunt, Graziano — and possibly his daughter — “continuously fired his rifle from the back of the truck,” San Bernardino County Sheriff Shannon Dekus said at a news conference on Tuesday. Rear window strikes back”.

The pickup truck failed on the shoulder of a highway in Hesperia, and an exchange of fire ensued, sending dozens of bullets flying. Savannah ran to the deputies in the confusion – they didn’t realize it was her – and fell to the ground amid the gunfire. She was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead shortly before noon.

Her father was found in the driver’s seat and pronounced dead at the scene.

While the only weapon found – a rifle – was in the truck with Graziano, detectives said his daughter may have also been firing.

But Dekus said in a 39-second video posted on social media on Wednesday that there was evidence the 15-year-old was “participating in the shooting of our representatives.” Dekus did not provide further details on when she allegedly shot her deputy.

A deputy was wounded by shrapnel during the exchange of fire, Dikas said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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