San Antonio welcomes Ukrainian delegation interested in doing business

San Antonio – Nearly 70 Ukrainian business and community leaders came to San Antonio seeking new opportunities to help their war-torn country and its battered economy one day recover.

“They need us. We need them,” said Dr. Adriana Rocha Garcia, City Council’s liaison with Europe, representing District 4.

The idea was pitched to her by the San Antonio Ukrainian organization, which is made up of many of the city’s large Ukrainian community.

Rocha Garcia and the city’s Office of Global Engagement then arranged for Wednesday’s meeting with local business leaders.

San Antonio became one of only three cities on the delegation’s itinerary, including Chicago and San Francisco.

“We are now open to opportunities,” said Ostap Kharysh, the group’s business adviser.

Perhaps some could benefit from sharing technology and research, he said.

A good example raised during the conference was cement.

Now with more federal infrastructure funding, communities will need a lot of cement for their projects.

Ukraine is a major cement producer, Rocha Garcia said.

One of the Ukrainians told the rally, “I can help deliver all the cement you need,” she said.

“That’s the type of opportunity we need to talk about,” she said. “How can we benefit?”

(Courtesy of Olena Garcia)

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