RLX Technology is upgraded to “A” by MSCI ESG Rating, ahead of its global peers

Beijing, November 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — RLX Technology (NYSE: RLX ), known for its RELX-branded e-cigarette products, announced today that the company has been upgraded to an “A” rating by MSCI ESG, a significant improvement from last year’s CCC rating. leap. Ahead of global e-vapor peers.

MSCI ESG Ratings measure the management of financial-related ESG risks and opportunities for more than 8,500 companies and more than 680,000 equity and fixed-income securities worldwide. .

The ESG rating represents the capital market’s recognition of RLX’s commitment to business ethics, responsible marketing, product safety and quality, supply chain labor standards, chemical safety and key ESG issues.

In addition to MSCI, RLX has recently received excellent results from a number of world-leading ESG rating agencies. Morningstar Sustainalytics has upgraded RLX’s ESG risk rating from ‘high’ to ‘moderate’ This Tobacco industry, among the top e-vapor companies in the world. RLX also ranked first among its global e-vapor peers in the latest annual S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment.

RLX has always regarded ESG as part of the company’s core competitiveness. The ESG committee is established at the board level to formulate sustainable development strategies, comprehensively improve ESG performance, and ensure the implementation of relevant measures.

In MSCI’s ESG rating, RLX has received high recognition in terms of product safety and quality.Since its establishment, RLX has invested more than 800 million RMB In terms of research and development, a “1+4” scientific research chain covering product quality, physical and chemical research, toxicology research, long-term impact evaluation and clinical research has been formed, and a laboratory matrix consisting of eight laboratories has been established.

RLX is also committed to driving sustainable development across the value chain. RLX conducts regular ESG performance assessments of existing suppliers. And conduct third-party audits on selected suppliers in accordance with the RELX business partner code of conduct and SA8000 standards. At the same time, RLX advocates the concept of sustainable consumption and encourages users to participate in the “Pods Reborn” recycling program to recycle used pods. The Pods Reborn recycling program has covered 188 cities across the country China Until the end of June 2022.

exist April 2022RLX has also launched its net-zero emissions program, Aim for Zero, to achieve carbon neutrality in its direct operations by 2033 and across its entire value chain by 2050.

From 2021, RLX began to disclose environmental information for its Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), including carbon emissions, climate change response strategies, and climate change risk and opportunity assessments. CDP’s environmental disclosure and scoring methodology is widely regarded as the gold standard for corporate environmental transparency. In the future, RLX will regularly share the progress and results of the decarbonization journey with investors and the international community.

About RLX Technology Inc.

RLX Technology Limited is a leading branded e-vapor company China. The company leverages its strong in-house technology and product development capabilities and deep insight into the needs of adult smokers to develop premium e-vapor products. RLX Technology Limited sells its products through an integrated offline distribution and retail model tailored to customers China’s E-vapor market.

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