RevelX leverages Qmarkets technology to deepen innovative products

RevelX has agreed to a partnership with US-based platform and tools provider Qmarkets to help businesses innovate like startups.

As part of the partnership, RevelX will integrate Qmarkets’ solutions portfolio into its innovative offerings, which will allow the Netherlands-based consultancy to provide its clients with “better advice” and help them across Building “innovative excellence” in the business.

Qmarkets currently uses four tools to enter the market: Q-Ideate (a cross-lifecycle idea management platform), Q-Scout (a tool to manage M&A portfolios), Q-Trend (a tool that provides insight into relevant innovation trends) and Q-Optimze (a tool that drives operational excellence and continuous improvement).

RevelX leverages Qmarkets technology to deepen innovative products

Over the past period, RevelX has applied Qmarkets’ product portfolio to many clients and, backed by positive experience, the consulting firm has now formalized its partner status.

“Qmarkets exponentially increases innovation performance by helping us add more value to our clients in their innovation journey. Many of our clients are ready to take their innovation efforts to the next level – together we will Create highly transparent, collaborative and manageable processes to support our clients’ innovation goals,” said Eric de Groot, founding partner of RevelX.

At the same time, the partnership will allow Qmarkets to add RevelX to its “recommended suppliers” network, which already includes Deloitte, Grant Thornton, Point B and about 50 other consulting firms around the world. “We will introduce our clients to RevelX’s growth experts and provide them with best-in-class strategic consulting services,” said Michael Stilger, co-founder of Qmarkets.

Founded in Amsterdam in 2014, RevelX specializes in growth strategy and innovation. The company has a team of 20 consultants who have served clients such as Accell, ASML, PostNL, Volvo and more.

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“This partnership has enormous potential. By joining forces, we will help organizations around the world define and execute their innovation strategies,” added Stilger.

Companies using Qmarkets include Ab InBev, Ford, Lufthansa, Intel, Nestle, Philip Morris International and UniCredit. Qmarkets was founded in Connecticut in 2006 with the backing of venture capitalists.

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