Republicans face pressure to impeach Biden

  • Rep. Nancy Mays says Republicans face “a lot of pressure” to impeach President Biden.
  • On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Mays said some in the Republican Party are considering impeachment.
  • She told host Chuck Todd that if the party chose to hold a vote, she believed it would be divisive.

Rep. GOP will face pressure to vote to impeach President Biden if they win the midterm elections and gain control of the House of Representatives, Nancy Mays said.

Mays spoke with host Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, who asked, “If the Republicans take over the House, do you expect to have a slap in the face of President Biden?” Impeachment vote?”

The South Carolina congresswoman responded: “There’s a lot of pressure on Republicans to vote and push this legislation. I think that’s something some people are thinking about.”

Todd’s answer was simple: “Wow.”

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives. Adam Kinsinger said the Republican-majority Congress could try to impeach the president every week. Kim Singer was referring to the Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene made the impeachment of Biden part of her official platform.

Several Republicans filed articles of impeachment last year, criticizing Biden’s troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, his immigration policies and his administration’s moratorium on deportations.

Asked by Todd how she would vote if impeachment were present, Mays said she would look at the evidence and vote under the Constitution.

“I would not vote to impeach any president if I felt that anyone had taken away due process,” she told Todd.

Mays said if the party chose to hold the vote, she believed it would be divisive. “That’s why when I heard people say they were going to submit articles of impeachment in the House, I personally rejected it,” she said.

While Mays voted against impeaching former President Donald Trump, she criticized his role on Jan. 6, Score CNN After the Capitol riots, Trump’s “entire legacy was wiped.”

Before Jan. 6, Mays was a Trump supporter and even worked for his campaign in 2016.

In an interview with NBC, Todd asked the congresswoman if she would support Trump’s 2024 presidential bid.

“I’m going to support whoever Republicans nominate in ’24,” she said.

A representative for Mays did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment.

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