Quartile e-commerce advertising platform wins Amazon Advertising Technology Award

Quartile Wins 2022 U.S. Scale Technology Award

New York, October 27 February 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Quartile, the world’s largest e-commerce cross-channel advertising platform, is pleased to announce that it has won the 2022 US Scaled Technology Advertising Awards.

The award recognizes partners who leverage the Amazon Ads API to develop innovative technologies that increase efficiency and help their customers rapidly scale and expand into new regions around the world.

Quartile was awarded for its three-phase, AI-driven strategy that helped client Restaurantware triple its sales and strengthen its presence in the home and kitchen categories of Amazon stores. Amazon selected 35 finalists from more than 200 entries.

Quartile is built on six patented machine learning technologies that automate and optimize e-commerce advertising on sites like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Instacart, Walmart, and more. Quartile pairs technology with leading marketing experts who can develop strategies that fit a company’s business goals.

Thousands of sellers around the world trust Quartile’s approach to omni-channel optimization to unlock their full potential for selling and advertising across multiple channels, fully integrated and at scale.

Quartile’s patented technology leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to maximize sales opportunities and outperform business competition on every major marketing channel. The company shows top-performing keywords every day and dynamically adjusts ad spend to improve ROI. Continuous learning algorithms predict and capitalize on business bestsellers with intelligent hourly bids and granular audience targeting.

For more information on quartiles and to request a demo, please visit quartile.com. Quartiles can be followed on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Quartile is a new way to manage retail media and e-commerce advertising. Envisioned by four visionary co-founders and built by engineers with experience in civil, mechanical and computer engineering, Quartile was built from the ground up. Experience an e-commerce-focused advertising platform that optimizes marketing campaigns for your sales and overall ROI, not ads, views, and clicks.

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