ProSep wins contract for LNG conditioning technology deployed in North America

Innovative environmental solutions provider ProSep has announced that it has contracted a US multinational energy company to deploy four of its award-winning AIM mixers for a project to be launched in 2023.

The project, due to be deployed in March, is the sixth LNG gas conditioning project ProSep has received since 2019, and the innovative application has earned its reputation as a powerful, versatile solution for gas conditioning in midstream and LNG projects.

ProSep’s AIM High Efficiency Mixer, voted Best Gas Handling/LNG Technology at last year’s Hydrocarbon Handling Awards, enables efficient mixing of injected fluids with multiphase, gas or liquid dominant flows, and within the operating range Has a low pressure drop.

John Sabey, CTO of ProSep, said: “This project is another milestone for the ProSep team as it is the result of a successful initial AIM application for LNG feed gas conditioning. The customer has been using the AIM injection mixer since December 2019 , and had such great success that they knew to turn to ProSep when they needed to increase the BTU content of the methane feed. As this application required injection of a 20 mol% LPG fraction to achieve the desired BTU/SCF, CFD was widely used for validation of injection, dispersion and vaporization. This work will continue to build a strong operational foundation for AIM technology.”

ProSep is committed to bringing environmentally responsible solutions to the market, helping our clients achieve their ESG goals and values, and has a proven track record in reducing chemicals and cleaning water.

ProSep continues to provide solutions for process efficiency products, including proprietary high-efficiency mixers and produced water treatment technologies.

Founded in 2005, ProSep continues to build innovative solutions to help global industries reduce chemical and water consumption, clean water and reduce greenhouse gas emissions footprints.

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