Princess Martha Louise of Norway abandons royal duties to start business with shamanic fiancé


Princess Märtha Louise of Norway is stepping down from official royal duties to focus on the alternative medicine business she runs with her fiancé, American spiritual mentor Durek Verrett.

The 51-year-old princess is fourth in line to the Norwegian throne and “will not represent the royal family at this time,” according to a statement from the royal family on Tuesday.

In a statement, Märtha Louise acknowledged her long-standing interest in “alternative approach” treatments, which she said “could be an important addition to the help provided by traditional medical facilities”.

Märtha Louise and Verrett in Oslo, Norway in May 2019

Together, the two have given workshops that offer “meditation and shamanic practices” that can “show you your divine self-activation and how you can use your gifts to change the world.”

For his part, Verrett, who wrote a book called “Spirit Hacking,” offers shamanic healing sessions and sells a $222 “spirit optimizer,” which he claims “can invite spiritual and energetic protection to protect you from Injured by external energy, giving you a safer space for healing.”

Verrett has also worked with celebrity clients such as Gwyneth Paltrow. In 2019, the princess posted a photo on Instagram of the three of them vacationing together in the Hamptons.

The statement said the couple would still attend “important family-related gatherings” but they would not “show ties to the Norwegian royal family” in connection with their business activities.

“This is to draw a line of demarcation that more clearly separates business activities from the Norwegian royal family,” the statement read. “The purpose is both to prevent misunderstandings about the royal family and to allow the princess and Durekwiret to Greater freedom in their business activities and other aspects of their lives.”

In 2002, Martha Louise, the only daughter of the King and Queen of Norway, gave up her “His Royal Highness” status and royal perks to pursue a career in media. That same year, she married Norwegian writer Ali Bain. The couple had three daughters before announcing their separation in 2016. Bain committed suicide on Christmas Day 2019.

The princess and Verret announced their engagement on June 7 this year.

According to Tuesday’s statement, she has now “abandoned her role as royal patron who sets the framework for official business for the royal family,” although she will retain the title of princess, according to King Harald’s wishes.

“The King and Queen thank Princess Martha Louise for the important work she has carried out in her official capacity over the decades,” the statement read. “She has carried out her duties with passion, care and unwavering commitment.”

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