Pearl Semiconductor SpurFree™ technology paves the way for ultra-low noise timing solutions for data center connectivity

Tech demos will be held at Electronica 2022

cairo, November 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pearl Semiconductor, a high-performance timing company, announced a patented all-digital PLL technology for ultra-low noise timing solutions. Pearl’s “SpurFree” architecture is a key prerequisite for timing solutions for next-generation connectivity standards that will handle the ever-increasing flow of data within and between data centers, including optical transport networks and 5G backhaul.This patented technology powered by a DSP engine will be showcased at Electronica 2022 Munich, November 15-18.

SpurFree technology is designed to solve the problem of fractional “spurs” – electronic noise that can interfere with the signal – created by phase-locked loops (PLLs). The technology has been proven in silicon to generate programmable arbitrary-rate reference clocks with sub-75 femtosecond performance at frequencies up to 3GHz. Its performance rivals the best timekeeping products on the market today. This technology is the basis for building a full range of products, including a range of programmable reference clocks, multiple output clock generators, clock buffers, jitter attenuators and network synchronizers.

“This new line of high-performance appliances will serve the rapidly expanding next-generation data center market, which is experiencing 20 percent growth,” said Mustafa Elholy, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Pearl Semiconductor. “These data center providers are demanding higher throughput, and Pearl’s arbitrary frequency PLLs, with their best-in-class noise performance, can now help critical equipment OEMs keep pace with the next generation of data center connectivity and optical networking. We are looking for strategic partners to use Collaboration on new product development and ready to provide demo boards.”

The importance of clocks for advanced networking

With the growing importance of cloud computing and storage, and 5G driving higher network densities, global markets have seen a surge in demand for high-frequency data connections, which in turn require ultra-low noise and programmability.

Currently, high-frequency low-noise reference clocks are mostly developed using bulky quartz SAW devices that lack programmability. Only a few semiconductor vendors offer truly programmable low-noise, high-frequency reference clocks and timing products. All timing product suppliers are under tremendous pressure to develop new technologies to meet unprecedented noise and programmability requirements.

“The sheer number of new applications requiring high-throughput connections is staggering — 5G alone is projected to grow in the trillions by 2030,” said Ayman AhmedChief Executive Officer, Pearl Semiconductor“The performance we’ve achieved is just the beginning – we see a clear path to improvement that will yield unprecedented performance. With our track record of innovation and robust performance, we hope to be the leading timing solution for data center connectivity worldwide provider.”

Pearl will demonstrate its technology at Electronica 2022, Hall C2, Booth 565 November 15th to November 18th exist Munich Germany. To set up a demo session, please contact [email protected].

About Pearl Semiconductor

Pearl Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company focused on high performance reference clock and timing ICs. Its products are based on innovative manufacturing and patented IC design techniques for superior performance. Pearl Semiconductor’s goal is to be the leading supplier of high performance reference clock and timing ICs serving the most demanding industrial, networking, telecom and automotive applications.

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