Packers news, 10/6: Packers travel, defense must find answers

The hard part about business travel is that you still (usually) have to work. Going to a new place, seeing the scenery, and finding some interesting food and drinks on a company dime is fun, but at the end of the day you have work to do, and it’s still a priority.

That’s the case with the Green Bay Packers, as they fly out Thursday night for their first game in London. It would be fun for these players to spend a few days looking at the scenery, eating fish and chips, and maybe visiting the Tower of London or Big Ben. But their time is bound to be limited, and the New York Giants are waiting, forcing the team to focus on preparing for the game rather than going out and spending a lot of time exploring the area.

Of course, traveling fans are another matter, as their efforts may be limited to around three hours of game time on Sunday afternoon. Expect plenty of green and gold around London over the next few days as Packers fans take over the city between now and the weekend.

(Personally, if I were in London the Friday night before this game, I would try to find tickets for the women’s football match between the USWNT and England.)

It should still be a fun experience for Packers players and coaches, but they’ll have to save most of the travel experience for next time.

Packers’ Aaron Rodgers wants longer trip to London ESPN
The good news for Rodgers is that if he wants to, he can afford to go to London in the offseason, especially after signing his new big contract in the offseason. It’s not hard to understand wanting to explore the region and culture, but the priority is still getting the job done.

Aaron Rodgers decides to play longer in Green Bay | Packing News Network
Meanwhile, Rodgers will continue to think about his long-term future over the next few months, but the development of rookie receivers Romeo Dubs and Christian Watson will play a role, at least in some way. To an extent it is.

Packers hold on to Elgton Jenkins on right tackle – Sports Illustrated
Regardless of any calls for change outside the locker room, OC Adam Stenavich said Jenkins will remain at right tackle — at least for now. The team is at least looking at alternatives, but they haven’t changed course yet.

What You Might Miss: The Power of Subtle Influence |
Actions, fakes, wrong directions, and extended fakes all play a big role in the Packers’ offense.

Packers’ third-longest defense to dominate 2022 Packers line
Now back on the defensive end, Green Bay has been the best in the league at preventing third-down transitions, thanks in large part to a suspension so far in third and long.

Evaluating the Packers’ struggling run defense and what they can do to fix it – The Athletic ($)
Of course, running defense is another story, and in three games, the NFL’s leading rusher has emerged. From poor angles to missed tackles to poor edge setups, all of these things have to get better on Sunday.

Video: Man brings rescue camel to In-N-Out drive-thru Las Vegas for chips – ABC7 Los Angeles
The craziest part of this story is that they go to In-N-Out exclusively for fries.If fries are what you want, go for it Literally anywhere else!

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