Osteopore’s breakthrough natural tissue regeneration technology takes global spotlight

Innovative regenerative medicine technologies and devices from global leaders are sure to improve patient outcomes and reduce overall healthcare costs.

Singapore, November 8 August 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Osteopore International (ASX:OSX) (“Osteopore”, “OSX” or the “Company”), Singapore– and AustraliaAfter quietly developing and commercializing its new 3D-printed bioresorbable stent-graft, the medical technology company focused on promoting natural tissue regeneration is poised to revolutionize the way surgeons help patients naturally regenerate bone and other tissues. .

Left to right: Osteopore Executive Chairman Mark Leong, Osteopore CEO Goh Khoon Seng and COO & COO Lim Jing CTO or Osteoporosis

From left to right: Osteopore Executive Chairman Mark Leong, Osteopore CEO Goh Khoon Seng and Osteopore COO and CTO Lim Jing

Osteopore utilizes in Singapore Its patent-protected 3D-printed stent implants use bioabsorbable materials to mimic the complex and interconnected microstructure of bone to achieve the natural stages of bone healing. Over time, the implant dissolves harmlessly in the patient’s body, leaving only healthy bone without any artificial implants.

OSX Executive Chairman Mark Liang Said: “OSX’s passionate team has excellent chemistry, and the complementary skills and experience necessary to be a true global player. We leverage our superior technology and strive to be the standard in natural tissue regeneration care worldwide, with clear Vision: To be the world’s most valuable regenerative medical device company. Our technology improves clinical outcomes and patient quality of life while reducing overall healthcare costs, and through further regulatory access and the development of new pipelines, our Global expansion strategy reached a critical inflection point. Product and technology improvements.”

The technology behind Osteopore’s meteoric rise

OSX’s exciting and groundbreaking tissue regeneration technology isn’t exactly an emerging technology. It has more than 10 years of clinical data and has been used in more than 60,000 successful surgeries worldwide, outperforming conventional surgery.Obtain regulatory clearance in key markets including FDA U.S., European CE mark, Australian TGA and Singapore’s HSA and many others, OSX has distributors in over 20 countries on every continent.

The geographic focus of OSX will be U.S. and China, the two largest markets in the world.exist August 2022In a milestone entry into the U.S. market, OSX announced that its U.S. distributor has secured an agreement to sell OSX products to the U.S. federal government’s Veterans Affairs Medical Center and 175 hospitals across the country.That same month, OSX was closer to China Start the registration process after signing the reseller agreement with the reseller China’s National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) to facilitate marketing and sales of OSX products in mainland China China.

OSX implants can replace permanent implants such as metal/plastic implants, which tend to have higher rates of infection and complications, as well as bone grafts. The effect of the OSX implant is to reduce the incidence of postoperative infections and complications, which can improve patient outcomes and reduce overall healthcare costs by reducing the need for follow-up surgery.

Its unique proprietary 3D printing system enables implants to be standard off-the-shelf or tailored specifically to individual patient needs. Leveraging the latest initiatives such as Industry 4.0 and AI design, the production process is efficient and sustainable with minimal waste compared to other manufacturing processes.

OSX listed Australian Three years ago, ASX performed three world-first surgeries using OSX implants with renowned Australian surgeon Dr. Michael Wagels. A surgical procedure involved promoting the regeneration of a patient’s 36 cm tibia, which is not only remarkable for its sheer length, but it is a weight-bearing bone.

Osteopore continues to drive cutting-edge innovation

OSX is entering a huge addressable market and currently holds key regulatory clearances for the craniofacial market, into the multi-billion dollar segment of bone grafts and permanent implants. OSX is accelerating the development of more applications and gaining further regulatory clearances in dentistry, oral and maxillofacial, orthopedics and aesthetics, making its tissue regeneration technology solutions available to a wider range of fields.

To ensure its position at the forefront of tissue regeneration, OSX is exploring various partnerships and acquisitions. In addition to boosting the body’s own regenerative abilities to regenerate its own bones and tissues, OSX is also working to develop next-generation products to accelerate regeneration, the holy grail of tissue regeneration.

OSX is working to add to its clinical data to regenerate cartilage and tendons, which will create entirely new solutions to problems ranging from sports injuries to helping the aging process. With an existing treasure trove of animal data, OSX is pursuing options for deploying its hard and soft tissue regeneration technology in the veterinary market to treat pets and animals.

About Osteopore International

Osteopore Ltd, an Australian ASX-listed company (OSX) with R&D and manufacturing in Singapore, is a global leader in the commercial-scale manufacturing of innovative regenerative implants. By combining biomimetic tissue science with proprietary 3D printing and material technologies, Osteopore produces medical implants to meet the needs of tissue and bone reconstruction and repair. These bioabsorbable implants provide a scaffold for bone regeneration, dissolving predictably over time, leaving only native bone tissue. Osteopore works with clinicians and researchers to develop and manufacture implants that address unmet clinical needs, thereby improving patient outcomes, improving lives and reducing healthcare costs. For more information, please visit us at www.osteopore.com.

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