Old Cowtown Museum rebuilding old business to display carriages, wagons

Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) — The Old Cowtown Museum is planning to rebuild an old business to showcase what it calls “rolling stock.”

said Lindsay Benacka, Arts Director and Cultural Services, City of Wichita.

According to 5th District Council member Brian Frye, the board of Historic Cowtown Inc. and former film critic Bob Curtright of the Wichita Eagles donated $250,000 to make the rebuild possible.

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“The proposed new donation will provide a solution to securely store and display rolling stock collections and further the museum’s mission,” said Benacka.

The museum began work on designing the exhibition in 2018.

The name of the former local business that the museum is rebuilding is Wichita Carriage Works.

“Wichita Carriage Works opened in 1884, which fits in with the current timeline that Cowtown is looking to reinvent and reimagine,” Benacka said. “It’s a fairly large facility with two floors. The one that’s being proposed isn’t that large, but it’s been modeled with that in mind.”

It will straddle the Livery Stable and the veterinarian’s office.

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