NMST holds technical application seminar

On Sunday, the National Science and Technology Museum organized a symposium titled “Application of Technology in Enhancement Management” in the museum auditorium. – Press release

A workshop titled “Using Technology in Upgrade Management” was held at the National Science and Technology Museum on Sunday.

Science Museum director Mohammad Munir Chowdhury moderated the workshop in the museum auditorium, he said in a press release.

Officials from various government and private institutions participated in events organized for them under the initiative of the Bangladesh Institute of Governance and Management.

At the meeting, Munir Chowdhury said: “The application of technology is a sign of good governance. But the integrity and skills of the people behind the technology are very important. Young officials should stand up to stop corruption and harassment.

During the seminar, Deputy Commerce Minister Roxana Khan and Bangladesh Army Major Mohammad Youssef Sharif presented papers to the trainees.

After the course, the trainees visited the exhibition hall of the museum. In addition, the students also received gifts from the Science Museum.

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