NEC Selected as Technology Partner to Implement NIISe Biometrics Solution: Press Release

Yang Berbahagia Datuk Mohamad Fauzi bin Md Isa, Deputy Secretary General (Policy and Control), Ministry of Home Affairs, Malaysia and Yang Berusaha Puan Supiani Binti Sibin, Project Director, Immigration Department (NIISe), witnessed the handover ceremony of the subcontract at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Department, Ambassador of Japan to Malaysia Mr. Katsuhiko Takahashi, Akihiko Kumagai, President of Global Business of NEC Corporation and other distinguished guests.

When IRIS partnered with the Malaysian Immigration Department to create the world’s first e-passport in 1998, it needed to introduce and deploy eGates to read and verify e-passports through travelers’ fingerprints. Today, 24 years later, NEC will provide the NEC ABIS and NEC e-Gate systems as one of the key technology partners subcontracted by the NIISe project with highly accurate and reliable multimodal biometric authentication.

NEC’s biometric technology uses fingerprint, iris and facial recognition to verify the identity of visitors and residents at immigration checkpoints by air, sea and land. NEC e-Gates, an integral part of NEC’s border control solutions, will be deployed at all immigration checkpoints for a smoother passenger experience.

The artificial intelligence (AI)-based multimodal biometric authentication system uses NEC’s face and iris recognition technologies, both of which are world-leading. Ranked #1 in Recognition Technology Benchmarks conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

“Through the use of advanced biometrics at immigration checkpoints, residents and travelers in Malaysia will experience a higher quality of travel. Biometrics will also improve security and efficiency, while providing travelers with better access to electronic gates at immigration checkpoints. Providing a secure and seamless experience. We are confident that NEC ABIS, as an essential part of NIISe’s backbone architecture, will also provide the Immigration Department of Malaysia with effective and efficient processing of all related transactions.” Chong Kai Wooi, Managing Director, NEC Malaysia.

gentlemen. Shaiful Zahrin Bin Subhan, Chief Executive Officer of IRIS Information Technology Systems Sdn Bhd, said: “NEC’s excellent track record in deploying biometric solutions globally speaks volumes. As our technology partner, NEC provided valuable insights during our initial discussions. Feedback and ideas, and help identify “potential pain points in modernizing the immigration system. We are delighted to be partnering with NEC to work with Immigration Malaysia to improve the security and efficiency of Malaysia’s immigration system. “

NEC has implemented more than 1,000 systems and its fingerprint and face recognition technology in more than 70 countries, including systems at approximately 50 airports worldwide.

“Advancing Malaysia’s border control system will also have a positive socio-economic impact. Through the NIISe project, both IRIS and NEC Malaysia will be able to create jobs. In addition to developing solutions that advance Malaysia, we are also working with our partners and Stakeholders work closely together to support talent development in the digital space.” Chong.

Both IRIS and NEC are committed to developing skilled talent in the field of digital transformation, and both companies will also train young Malaysians under the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development’s Professional Training and Education (PROTÉGÉ) Preparation Programme. Cooperative Society (MEDAC).

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