Museveni convenes universities on research, technology

President Museveni implored public universities to conduct more research in the fields of science and technology, health and the environment.
According to the president, universities should invest more in teaching science courses because they are the center of any country’s development.
The message was included in a speech delivered by Vice President Maj (Rtd) Jessica Alupo at the 28th Commencement Ceremony of the University of Bugma in Bugma, Luwero District, on Sunday.

“The government is committed to promoting science and technology and we will continue to call on all higher education institutions to prioritise and promote science programmes. It is important to note that science is at the centre of any country’s development process, including Uganda,” Mr Museveni said. in the speech section.
The President also stated that the government will continue to support all public and private interventions, initiatives and programmes aimed at providing formal and non-formal education for all Ugandans.
In a message read out by the Minister of State for Primary Education, Dr Joyce Morricu Kaduku, Ms Janet Museveni, Minister of Education and Sports, said she wanted more research and publications from all universities.
“It’s one way you can contribute to the transformation of our society and country. Research and publications are a unique feature of universities that set them apart from other educational institutions,” she said.

Given changing technology, Ms Museveni is asking universities to change the way they teach students.
“We must be aware that emerging technologies are gradually affecting every aspect of our lives; whether we like it or not, technology is changing every day and it requires new job requirements and new skills,” the minister said.
Ms Museveni asked university leaders to support the process of harmonization of the regional and global curriculum by developing subject-specific benchmarks.

She further encouraged university administrators to embrace regional integration by welcoming and treating all students from the region equally. Maka Moses Ndimukika, president of Bugema University, asked the government to support the institution in completing its scientific complex, arguing that this would allow them to further train scientists.
“As a university, we are focused on improving the science infrastructure, and new structures need to be built to provide better services. The roof of the science complex is still under construction, and we need to finish and install basic equipment, which will likely cost around $1.7 billion. Shilling,” he said.

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