Mobile Defenders was acquired by a competitor

A Virginia-based company of the same industry has acquired a local wholesale supplier of replacement parts for cell phones.

Grand Rapids-based Mobile Defenders said last month it joined MobileSentrix in a move that combines the knowledge and expertise of two leading suppliers of mobile replacement parts, according to Mobile Defenders.

Jordan Notenbaum, co-founder and CEO of Mobile Defenders, said the company had been considering an exit strategy and decided to pitch the idea to MobileSentrix.

“We’ve been in the cell phone repair business since 2011, and we’re talking about change,” Nottenbaum said. “I think the best solution or buyer will be our biggest competitor, which is MobileSentrix.”

Notenbaum flew to Virginia earlier this year, and the two companies struck a deal. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Now, the combined purchasing power of the two companies will be used to drive down prices, improve quality and contribute to a better customer experience. Mobile Defenders’ manufacturer relationships and products will be a great addition to MobileSentrix.

“This is a win for our customers,” Nottenbaum said.

For now, both companies’ sites will continue to operate concurrently, but Notenbaum expects some consolidation eventually.

He also said that the MobileSentrix team will retain all Mobile Defenders employees and has taken over the lease of the company’s new shared facility with eduPARTS.

As part of the deal, EduPARTS has now been spun off from parent company Mobile Defenders, but will remain at the new facility, Notenbaum said.

He acknowledged the dedication of Mobile Defenders employees and the growth mindset of co-founders Garry VonMyhr and Steve Barnes as part of this transition, as well as Merrymeeting Inc. and Assurant Inc. for their support and investment.