Mining tech provider Deswik expands local presence into India

Posted by Paul Moore on Oct 27, 2022

Mining technology leader Deswik said it will continue to support India’s drive for more efficient and sustainable mining operations with its new operations in Gurugram, Haryana.

“India’s economy has grown tremendously over the past decade, thanks in large part to the contribution of the mining industry. As the population continues to grow, the outcomes required by the mining industry can only be achieved through the adoption and use of industry-specific technologies Achieved. Deswik’s presence in India will better help Indian clients become more efficient as India continues to evolve into a global leader.”

Deswik personnel will be based in Gurugram in the northern state of Haryana, the first time Deswik has entered India. “Gurugram is an ideal location to serve the vast Indian subcontinent. This will provide timely support to clients and give Deswik a deeper understanding of what Indian mining companies are doing as they strive to deliver results in an increasingly complex operating environment. unique challenges that are constantly changing.”

Maxim Holcroft has been appointed as Deswik’s Regional Manager for India and will oversee operations and growth in the region. The immediate priority is to hire local experts who will work with Deswik’s global offices to provide ongoing support to the growing customer base in India.

“The presence of the local team in India is a strong message that Deswik is committed to the long-term performance of the mining industry to meet the challenges posed by production targets and sustainability goals,” said Holcroft.

“Companies moving from traditional approaches to integrated and digitized workflows will set clear distinctions and new benchmarks in the industry,” said Holcroft. “Deswik has a proven track record of delivering solutions that contribute enormous value at all stages of the mine life cycle, from development to production and recycling. This business in India is underpinned by a truly global Deswik support network An integral part of this network, the network will continue to provide value to all stakeholders who rely on our technology to achieve real results.”

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