Miami judge dismisses voter fraud case advocated by DeSantis | Florida

A Miami judge on Friday dismissed one of 19 voter fraud indictments touted by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a major development as the case comes under scrutiny .

Friday’s case involved Robert Lee Wood, a 56-year-old Miami man who registered to vote in 2020 and voted in last year’s presidential election. State prosecutors sued Wood, saying he registered and voted knowing he was ineligible. He was ineligible because he was convicted in 1991, but Wood said he didn’t know that. He registered in 2020 when a canvasser approached him and received a voter registration card sent to him by the state.

Judge Milton Hirsch dismissed the case Friday, according to Wood’s attorney Larry Davis.

Prosecutions, all of which involve people with previous felony convictions, have come under intense scrutiny. Some of the accused said they did not know they could not vote and were not told they were ineligible until after they voted.

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