Mariners’ MLB playoffs boost Seattle morale, local businesses

The Mariners’ playoffs brought thousands to downtown Seattle, giving local businesses some much-needed boost.

SEATTLE — More than 47,000 fans packed T-Mobile Park Saturday for the organization’s first home playoff game in 21 years.

Not only were fans in the stands, they also flocked to nearby SODO businesses.

“Seattle has been waiting 21 years for this big day for all Seattle sports,” said Justin Bratcher, bar manager at Pioneer Tacos and Tequila.

Fans at the Hatback Bar and Grill sat fidgeting for hours on Saturday afternoon, hoping the Mariners would take on the Astros again. While it wasn’t the outcome anyone wanted, the playoffs brought in a ton of people watching the party downtown, including the official Mariners at T-Mobile Park during the wild-card series.

“Every beautiful soul came and helped entrepreneurs and helped the community,” said Mandrell Hall, who works with Seattle Sausage.

The Seattle Dog’s home, Seattle Sausage, has been feeding fans outside stadiums for 30 years and is gearing up to keep its winning streak alive.

“I’m going to get these dogs ready so we’re ready to serve everyone that comes out,” Hall said.

Regardless of the outcome, it’s good for business, Hall said.

“It’s helping us, these businesses here, the cloud, everything is thriving here,” Hall said.

Pioneer tacos and tequila are just off the field, the place for Mariners fans’ families.

The agency said the team has boosted not only business but morale after the region was hit hard during the pandemic.

“It’s been great for everyone here, especially since we’ve all been through a tough couple of years. It’s great to see life back in the SODO area,” Bratcher said.

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