Lubbock’s Four Bar K venue, lunch spot celebrates 30th anniversary

Four Bar K, 302 E 82nd St. will celebrate its 31st anniversary in December 2021.

In a changing world and a devastating fire, one Lubbock venue continues its tradition of food, local music and a Texas-style vibe.

Chuck Kershner, owner of Four Bar K at 302 E. 82nd, took a moment to recall building his own twice in its 30-year history after putting groceries in the venue’s kitchen. business.

When Four Bar K Ranch on 98th Street opened, a friend asked him if he could do something for his kid’s birthday party. The party went well and more people reached out to the event.

On Wednesday, Oct. 10, Chuck Kershner, owner of Four Bar K at 302 East 82nd Street, inspects equipment in the venue's kitchen.  May 5, 2022.

“It was really popular,” Kershner said. “It got to the point where I was doing five events back-to-back on a Saturday. Then a banking group asked me if I could do their catering at the ranch, and that’s where it started.”

In December 1991, Kershner purchased the former Tommy’s Place to be a rustic venue. He also drew inspiration from Jug Little’s Fridays, which in the 1980s was only open for Friday lunch on East Broadway. This has resulted in the BBQ buffet currently at the venue.

Four Bar K, 302 E 82nd St., Friday Grill Buffet Lunch. There is also free beer, wine and live music.

The buffet includes BBQ, sausages, some side dishes, chicken and dumplings for $15. He serves the food himself and welcomes guests with free beer and wine. Local musicians also perform at lunchtime.

The lunchtime shows in October will be:

  • October 14: Tim McKenzie
  • October 21: Yvonne Perea
  • October 28: Gary Nix

“It’s the best deal for Lubbock,” he said.

Four Bar K, 302 E 82nd St., has hosted weddings, parties and other private events since December 1991.

As the 31st anniversary approaches, Kershner recalls some interesting memories.

“I had a wedding where the father took his Harley-Davidson and the bride rode it down the aisle,” he said. “Last Saturday, I had a bride who got married here 26 years ago and she remarried here and I thought it was neat.”

Another big moment for the business came in October. On February 21, 2002, a fire destroyed 6,500 square meters. foot. site. Kershner no longer sees this as a loss, though, because with the support of the community, he was able to double the space and rebuild better.

Four Bar K, 302 E 82nd St., is a private gathering place most of the week, but is open to everyone for lunch on Fridays.

“It did burn down, but it was a blessing because I immediately rebuilt it and doubled it,” he said. “Randy Miller and his band built this new stage for me. Another client donated all the bathroom materials. It really made a difference and helped us.”

The venue provides space, indoor and outdoor, dining and connections with florists and bakers. They can also provide a DJ or band. People can book venues by emailing or calling 806-789-8682.

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