Live Updates: Trump and Midterm Election News

For all rallies, fundraising campaigns and exhortations to support Republican candidates via email on his social media sites, former President Donald J. Trump was always doomed to make the 2022 election all about one thing Matter: Himself.

So for some Republicans across the country and in Washington, he was pained, but not surprised, on the eve of many polls predicting a strong night for the Republican nominee. Trump began telling people on Monday that he planned to announce his third presidential campaign at a rally in Dayton, Ohio, that night.

Throughout Monday, Republicans who have been urging election eve work to spend their time instead trading text messages and anxious phone calls worrying about whether Trump will work on election eve. Trump is poised to energize Democratic and Republican voters by putting himself front and center as they prepare to cast their ballots on Election Day.

Close ally of Mr. Trump’s Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz gave Mr. Trump a road test. The idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčTrump tweeting the Dayton Proclamation on Monday morning followed the predictable pattern of Trump spreading his idea in the hope that it would go public and generate news coverage.

“To all the media that texts and calls me: Trump should announce tonight,” Mr. Gates wrote. “His candidate won the primary,” then added, “Trump deserves all the credit for this wave election and announces tonight that he’s going to grab it.”

By 3 p.m., other Republicans expressed hope that the plan would fail. Mr. Trump’s advisers have privately said they believe he won’t announce his candidacy at the rally, the final event of his midterm cycle and a showcase for candidates in Ohio, a solid Republican state. State.

What they worry about: Mr. Chance. If Trump puts himself at the center of the national conversation in the run-up to the election, the blame for GOP defeats in some races will only increase.

gentlemen. Trump has been teasing the prospect of another presidential campaign since the spring of 2021, telling viewers they would be “very happy” or “very happy” with his final decision – seeking to build interest without crossing legal lines And trigger a reporting request for formal candidacy.

Lately, these promotions have been ramped up with the precision of marketing experts, as if the preparations ahead of Tuesday were actually the launch of a new and improved product.

“I might have to do it again,” he said at a Texas rally two weeks ago. More coverage came when he backed Senator Chuck Grassley’s re-election in Iowa on Thursday when he said he would “very, very, very likely do it again.” “I really want to do this,” he said Saturday in Pennsylvania. On Sunday, in Miami, he told voters to focus on one more day, saying, “We’re going to have a big rally in Ohio tomorrow night.”

In recent weeks, Mr. Trump has discussed with advisers the timing of announcing that he will run for president the week of Nov. 11. 14 – Most likely on Nov. 16. He has talked about doing so in a news conference, but some advisers say a rally would be more appropriate.

One of the reasons Mr. Trump is continuing his official campaign because doing so would help shield him from the many federal and state investigations he faces, allowing him to attack them politically.

So far, he has held off after his advisers made the case that the political costs would outweigh the benefits.

But no doubt, sir. Trump hopes to earn credit for a strong Republican night. In many cases, he has the right to demand it. Ohio Senate nominee JD Vance trailed in the Republican primary until Trump was elected. Trump backed him, and the former president helped Trump. Vance won over Trump voters who had been slow to accept him.

Elsewhere, sir. Trump’s support is a boon in the primaries, but less obvious general election help, like Pennsylvania Republican Senate nominee Mohammad Oz, who prioritizes winning over suburban swing voters, who are sympathetic to the former Takes a darker view of the president.

what sir. Trump is clearly afraid of the governor’s thoughts. Ron DeSantis, a Florida Republican who is on track to win a second term, could do well in his re-election bid – and is admired by conservative donors and voters who like his positivity and freedom The talent to fight cultural and social issues is a hallmark of the Trump era, but thank him for doing so without the drama surrounding Trump. Trump, distracted from his political agenda.

So another reason for Mr. An announcement by Trump of his own candidacy would dent any momentum Trump has. Otherwise, DeSantis could gain the pair’s shared supporters from a resounding re-election victory.

Michael C. Bender contributed reporting.

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