Livac USA Announces Breakthrough Technology Award and Agreement with Premier, Inc. for the LiVac Retractor System

Minneapolis, October 6 June 2022 /PRNewswire/ –Livac“Livac“) has acquired Premier, Inc. (“Prime Minister“). From September 19, 2022 until September 19, 2025the new agreement allows Premier members to take advantage of Premier’s pre-negotiated special pricing and terms for the LiVac Retractor system at their own discretion (“LiVac Retractor“), in the product category of Endo-Mechanical Products.

The GPO agreement plays an important role in Livac’s commercialization strategy, and the current Premier approval will allow Livac to bring the LiVac Retractor to more patients. Livac is committed to minimizing trauma to patients during surgery and to improving and enabling new surgical techniques,dr says Annabella CorreaVice President and Managing Director of Livac.

The LiVac® Retractor System is a disposable soft silicone device that uses suction to create a vacuum to connect the liver and diaphragm. Unlike most other surgical retractors, the LiVac Retractor does not require a dedicated surgical incision for insertion and placement. The LiVac retractor is inserted through the existing port incision and placed between the patient’s liver lobes and even the spleen.

The LiVac Retractor is the only retractor that gently lifts solid organs like the liver and spleen using suction – Reduces patient trauma, postoperative pain, operative time and overall operative cost. The LiVac Retractor can be used in all upper gastrointestinal procedures including laparoscopic, robotic and revision surgery. The LiVac Retractor is supported by clinical evidence of reduced surgical time, less postoperative pain and pain medication for patients, less scarring, and as an aid in complex robotic and revision surgeries.

Gentle organ retraction using the LiVac Retractor offers significant advantages to surgeon and patient outcomes as the device does not cause any tissue or organ damage, is located outside the surgical field, requires fewer incisions, and does not Conflict with the robotic arm. LiVac Retractor has been used in more than 2,000 clinical procedures with no adverse events.

We are honored to be recognized by Premier’s Technology Breakthrough Program and are pleased to offer the Livac Retractor to Premier physicians for the benefit of patients undergoing all upper GI surgery, especially bariatric robotic and revision surgery, as the LiVac Retractor has proven clinical and surgical advantages,“Say Tom LucasChief Commercial Officer Livac U.S. company

Premier is a leading healthcare improvement company uniting approximately 4,400 US hospitals and 250,000 other providers to transform healthcare. With integrated data and analytics, collaboration, supply chain solutions, consulting and other services, Premier enables better care and outcomes at a lower cost.

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