Light and shadow of Nike’s multi-million dollar ‘blockchain’ tech

Blockchain is spreading more and more in our environment.Not only is it related to cryptocurrencies, it already exists artwork Or other cultural products, even in fashion and wood. It is a set of technologies that enables secure, decentralized and distributed record-keeping of digital operations without third-party intervention. Galician director Julio Fernández, filmmaker and distributor FilmMax also used it to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the premiere of “REC”, a milestone in the history of the Sitges Film Festival. in Spain.

Fans of the ‘REC’ series can purchase limited-edition NFT digital collectibles (Fungible Token) works through the blockchain, allowing access to 3D characters and other larger environments. It is characterized by the fact that this type of document is unique and immutable, nothing else like it.

This type of product has been used in other movie collectibles such as “The Matrix”, “No Time to Die” or “Top Gun: Maverick”, in.

Professor in the Economic Analysis and Modelling Group at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) – Manuel Fernández Grela emphasizes that “this is a promising field for the future”. But in Europe in general, and Spain in particular, a serious lack of information and training can be found.” Tuesday’s training day at USC’s School of Economic Sciences In Compostela in cooperation with the Galician School of Computer Engineering and the Galician Institute of Technology Modernization.

will also include Vladimiro Navarro, Director of Blockchain at Addalia This will discuss real-world applications. Navarro gave part of his speech to FARO, and we took the opportunity to ask him what exactly blockchain is.

“In general, all social models work because they are centralized and we are assured that things work a certain way. I know I have my money because the bank tells me and others that this is what I do Owned. We all believe in this system. According to blockchain, it’s a technique that allows it to work the same way but without a middleman to guarantee everything, as it applies to the rules defined and enforced. So, I can send money to another person without any bank guarantee,” he said.

Navarro recalls blockchain to find a way to exchange money – although he clarified that Bitcoin is not money – no intermediaries such as banks were used. “This was the first application of the technology. There came cryptocurrencies, their exchange and speculation mechanisms. Soon people saw that the technology could be applied to other areas. For example, it could be used for any product. This was done to guarantee the product. Traceability from origin to table, because at all times I have a track (footprint) of everyone involved in the product without relying on third party parties. In the food industry it is widely used”, he detailed Say.

On the artistic side, it details how NFT blockchains can Allows us to prove that we own the digital work We can transfer it to another person with full assurance that we are the owner and that we have transferred it.

Bought these shoes not to run in the wild but to show the headshots

According to Vladimiro Navarro, major fashion companies such as Nike have chosen the program to launch NFT products — such as digital sneakers — that represent avatars of people in virtual worlds (digital worlds where our virtual selves can move). you can use it. “Those shoes weren’t bought for running in the wild, but to brag about what I had. I wouldn’t buy them because I’m older, but my son would show his avatar in the metaverse or video games. Nike’s sales have reached $180 million For those shoes”, stressed the expert.

But there are other more specific applications such as using blockchain For companies to submit offers in public tenders. The Aragonese government has implemented Therefore, a fraction of that quote can be recorded in the blockchain. “No one can know what I provided, and neither I nor anyone can modify it later. The hosting open house is verified, and you guarantee that there will be no manipulation of the system,” Navarro said.

Manuel Fernández Grela said that in Galicia they are using Traceability in the timber industry and initiatives like Bitcoin GoldOne of the promoters is Vigo.

The problem with this technology is the lack of training for professionals. “Without knowing its potential, it will be difficult to carry out a major event in Galicia, regardless of legal constraints,” Guerrera warned.

There are three public universities in Galicia (USC, Uvigo and La Corua). Efforts to start offering programs Includes blockchain-related matters.

,They are starting to be introduced in some subjects related materials. There are no specific programs dedicated to blockchain or specific topics. He explained that, for now, the material is only available in a pilot experience, pending the Ministry of Education to move forward.

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