Licious Appoints Ajit Narayanan as Chief Product and Technology Officer

Licious has appointed Ajit Narayanan as Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPTO). Ajit will lead the company to transform brands and categories through technology-first innovation that transforms the overall consumer experience and supply chain management, setting new benchmarks for the industry.

Ajit Narayanan has over 20 years of expertise in building and scaling cutting-edge digital products and technologies in diverse fields such as e-commerce, healthcare, mobility and artificial intelligence, and is the inventor of many patents in these fields.

Licious co-founders Vivek Gupta and Abhay Hanjura said: “We are delighted to welcome Ajit to the team. As D2C leaders, one of our biggest priorities is to design technology-first solutions that not only successfully Disrupting the Licious ecosystem can also disrupt the protein-based food space. Ajit’s extensive experience in building transformative technologies fits well with this vision of ours. We are confident that, under his able guidance, Licious’s technology will be more Go upstairs.”

Licious CPTO Ajit Narayanan said: “The meat supply chain and storefront are extremely complex as the product is perishable and there are challenges in ensuring the highest quality and service levels throughout the supply chain. It is clear that the application of technologies such as RFID, Internet of Things, computer Vision, predictive analytics and machine learning will highly optimize every part of this complexity, helping to predict and manage the precise movement of production, storage and inventory through the farming, sourcing, production and distribution stages to the satisfaction of our consumers The best meat and alternative protein products and services. This will be a key driver of Licious’s next phase of growth. This technology stack could also be the world’s first commercial end-meat product of its kind. I’m very excited with the market leadership in this space Author Licious to plan this journey together.”

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