Latest innovations in cleanroom technology showcased at ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo 2022

Orlando, FL / ACCESSWIRE / October 31, 2022 / Thought leaders and innovators from the pharmaceutical industry will gather in Orlando, FL ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo 2022and the team from Environmental Systems Corporation (ESC) It was an honor to be part of this must-attend event.

“The pandemic has forced all organizations to simplify their operations and look for every possible way to run leaner and more efficiently. This has led to mass digital adoption and a renewed focus on sustainability,” Chief Responsibility Officer (CEO) Aaron Styles Say ESC key.

“That’s why we’re seeing increased demand for solutions like our Industry 4.0 smartHEPA fan filter modules, which use 99.995% HEPA filters. They’re also great for fitting in tight spaces, requiring only 2 inches of free space above the cleanroom unit.”

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The 2022 ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo will be held in Orlando, Florida, October 30-November 2. The conference will provide a comprehensive educational program that provides attendees with a technical session on the latest developments in the pharmaceutical industry, especially digital transformation.

This year’s conference will include:

  • More than 200 exhibitors
  • 100+ speakers
  • Over 30 keynotes and concurrent sessions
  • 4 in-depth seminars
  • 3 training courses
  • Over 18 hours of social and special events

“The conversations that take place at these events are absolutely critical to the industry. There is no doubt that the attendees will drive the entire pharmaceutical industry forward for years to come,” said Vern Solomon, founder and innovative company ESC Keys.

“People we meet often want to talk about their new compliance challenges. We look forward to discussing our ALUMA1 cleanroom wall system. It complies with the regulatory requirements of any design agency (eg ISO) or GMP regulator (eg US FDA, Canada) Ministry of Health and the European Union.”

At the same time, supply chain issues that continue to affect the pharmaceutical industry will also become a hot topic. ESC can help simplify your cleanroom project (new or retrofit), giving you access to team teams and single organizations to facilitate your project from start to finish, with transparent communication at every step. In such a volatile market – from supply chain to pricing – continuous and transparent communication is key.

If you’re attending this year’s event, be sure to join the ESC team Booth 1226.

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ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo 2022

The 2022 ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo will refocus on excellence, modernization and alignment in global pharmaceutical science and manufacturing, providing pharmaceutical professionals with the opportunity to engage in key industry conversations.

A comprehensive educational program provides attendees with technical sessions on the latest developments in supply chain, operations, facilities, equipment, information systems, product development, production systems, quality systems, regulatory guidance and cutting-edge industry innovation.

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About Environmental Systems

ESC provides an integrated approach to cleanrooms that can help your business grow into the future. Whether you need a full-service team or an integration partner, ESC has a solution for your critical environment.

You need more than a pre-engineered/catalog cleanroom.

We understand that you want to be confident that your cleanroom/critical environment is suitable so your company can grow and lead in your industry. To do this, you need a team of partners to help you discover, diagnose, design, build and deliver the right, high-quality environment for your company’s future and mission.

That’s why for nearly 40 years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients in more than 20 different industries invest in the right critical environmental solutions, confidently advancing their dreams through three vertically integrated pillars.

Cleanroom: We work with architecture and engineering teams to design and develop process-specific layouts for your critical environments and bring them to life with the ALUMA1 wall and ceiling system.

Critical Environment HVAC: Our team of experienced technicians and mechanical engineers design custom HVAC systems to meet your critical environmental requirements.

Integration: Our team integrates SMART technology to ensure you are always in control of your critical environment with clear historical reporting.

ESC contact information:
Telephone: 705.797.8877
e-mail: [email protected]

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